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How do you do SOS on Emtel?

How do you do SOS on Emtel?

Value-added Services

  1. Rs 10. Repayment amount: Rs 12. Valid for 24 hours. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 10 OR. Dial: *505*10#
  2. Rs 15. Repayment amount: Rs 18. Valid for 72 hours. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 15 OR. Dial: *505*15#
  3. Rs 25. Repayment amount: Rs 29. Valid for 15 days. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 25 OR. Dial: *505*25#

How do you do an ePIN?

BBK Retail account holders can generate their own ePIN online….

  1. Enter your Personal Number (CPR).
  2. Enter your desired 6 to 8 digits ePIN.
  3. Re-enter the desired ePIN for confirmation and then submit.
  4. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number before the password expires (60 seconds).

How do I activate an unlimited package on Emtel?

All Unlimited Mobile internet packages can be activated through the following Modes:

  1. SMS: Send “SUB (Pack code)” to short code 8284.
  2. EPIN: Recharge exact package price at any Emtel shop.
  3. USSD: Dial *100# and select your pack as per your choice.
  4. Website: Click on “Buy Now” for your preferred pack.
  5. Emtel App.

How do you recharge an Emtel?

How can I recharge my own Emtel prepaid number?

  1. To recharge your Emtel prepaid number: send “refill” by SMS to 8700.
  2. To recharge your Emtel prepaid number with a different amount: send “refill” your amount * by SMS to 8700.

How do I activate missed call alert on Emtel?

Dial 131 from your Emtel and follow the instructions.

How do you take SOS from CHiLi?

How can I get Emergency SOS or advance talk-time on my CHiLi Prepaid Mobile? Send SMS “CREDIT” to 8300 or call ” *777# “.

How do I find my Emtel easy transfer password?

All Emtel Prepaid Subscribers can use the Easy Transfer Service. To request for a new password to use the service, please follow steps below: Dial *100# and follow the steps. Or, Send Reset˽NID Number˽NEW PIN by SMS for FREE to 8333.

What is ePIN used for?

What Is JAMB e-Pin? The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says it introduced the new e-PIN vending registration for candidates to prevent fraud in its examination. Without JAMB ePin you can not register for JAMB.

How do I check my package on Emtel?

Mobile internet package remaining data volume can be checked by dialing *122# or via *100#. You will receive your mobile internet package balance via an SMS from Emtel.

How do I check my Emtel balance?

How to check your balance? Customers need to dial *122#. They will receive their airtime balance.

What is E pin recharge?

E-pins also known as voucher service is an airtime recharge service that enables merchants resell airtime to their customers in the form of a 16-20 digit code.