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How do you do Chun-Li special moves in Street Fighter 5?

How do you do Chun-Li special moves in Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5: Chun Li moves list

  1. V-Skill: Rankyaku (MP, MK Simultaneously)
  2. V-Trigger: Renkiko (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)
  3. Kikoken (Charge: Back – Forward + Punch)
  4. Hyakuretsukyaku (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)
  5. Spinning Bird Kick (Charge: Down – Up + Kick)

How do you do Chun-Li special moves on SNES?


  1. Lightning Kicks – Rapidly Tap any Kick Button.
  2. Kikoken – Hold Away, Forward + Any Punch Button.
  3. Spinning Bird Kick – Hold Away, Forward + Any Kick Button (can be done in the air.)
  4. Up Kick – Hold Down, Up + Any Kick Button.
  5. Senretsukyaku SUPER – Hold Away. Forward + Back + Forward + Any Kick Button.
  6. Chun-Li Gameplay.

How use super Chun-Li?

You can ‘Store’ Chun Li’s Super move. This means that you do the entire motion, but do not press Kick. Continue to hold forward and press Kick at any time to unleash her Super. As long as you’re holding forward when you press Kick and correctly did the motion — it will come out.

What does Chun-Li v trigger do?

Summary: Overall Chun Li’s V-Trigger, Renkiko, is a powerful tool. She becomes a terrifying frame trap monster allowing her to easily hit confirm into combos. Plus she gains juggling potential combos; Anti-air and Air-to-Air options now give her the advantage.

How do you kick Chun-Li?

For Chun-Li, the move is executed by pressing rapidly and repeatedly any kick button; In the Vs. series games, Chun-Li (and by extension, Shadow Lady) gains the ability to perform the Hyakuretsukyaku in midair.

How do you do Chun-Li Hyakuretsukyaku?

Does Chun-Li like Ryu?

In Malibu Comics’ short-lived Street Fighter series, Chun-Li is depicted as having known Ryu and Ken since her late teens, as well as having a romantic interest in Ryu, though both make their first appearances therein fighting each other after he sneaks up on her from behind.

How old is Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5?

So then, considering Street Fighter V takes place in the modern day in 2020, we can estimate that Chun Li is somewhere around 34 years old now in-game.

What fighting style does Chun-Li use?

Chun Li is a world-class martial artist. She uses a mix of Tai Chi and Kempo. Earlier versions of the game erroneously stated her style to be Wu Shu. Many of her acrobatic moves do resemble this, but her actual attacks are based on the aforementioned styles.

Is Chun-Li the strongest woman?

Sideshow and Kinetiquettes are proud to present “Chun Li – The Strongest Woman In The World”, from CAPCOM’s Street Fighter series! The diorama depicts Chun-Li acrobatically jumping off one of the tables from the noodle shop in her classic and SFV stage.