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How do you do an MLA citation for a movie?

How do you do an MLA citation for a movie?

To cite a film in MLA, include the title, the director, any other relevant contributors, the production or distribution company, and the year of release. If there are multiple versions of a film, you also need to identify the version.

How do you cite a works cited page for a movie?

Works Cited Format Title of Movie. Contributor(s). Publisher/Production Company, Year of Release. Examples: The Color Purple.

How do you cite a movie and TV show in MLA?

Contributor last name, First name, role. “Episode Title.” TV Show Title, season Number, episode Number, Production Company, Year. Cranston, Bryan, performer. “Fly.” Breaking Bad, season 3, episode 10, High Bridge Productions, 2010.

How do I cite a movie?

To cite a movie in APA Style, list its director(s) in the author position and the production company as publisher. The title is written in sentence case and italicized, followed by the label “Film” in square brackets. The in-text citation includes the last name of the director, and the year.

How do you cite a movie from Netflix in MLA?

To cite a Netflix video, you’ll need the following pieces of information:

  1. Title of the Netflix movie.
  2. Name of the site (Netflix)
  3. Names of directors, producers, performers, and/or any other individuals.
  4. Year the movie was released.
  5. Name of the production or distribution company.
  6. URL.

How do you cite a video example?

The general format for citing online videos in MLA style is as follows: “Title of video.” YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name, day month year, If the author of the video is not the same as the person who uploaded the video, your citation would be formatted as follows: Author last name, First Name.

How do you cite a movie scene?

How to Cite a Movie Scene

  1. Write the film title in italics, followed by a period.
  2. List the director and performers, indicated by the abbreviations “Dir.” and “Perf.” Put a period after the director and separate the performers with commas.

How do you cite a YouTube video MLA?

Reference list: Last name, First name of the creator. “Title of the video or audio.” Title of the Website, role of contributors and their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date, URL.