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How do you display running medals in a shadow box?

How do you display running medals in a shadow box?

Lay the medals against the hook and loop backing material in an arrangement that is aesthetically pleasing. If you are hanging military medals, you must place them in order of the highest honor. Place military medals highest in the shadow box, followed by ribbons and then badges.

How do you display race bibs?

Here are 11 interesting ways to breathe new life into your marathon bibs and medals.

  1. Turn Your Racing Bib Into A Coaster Set.
  2. Collect Bibs To Make Custom Outerwear.
  3. Make a One-Of-a-Kind Bib Bag.
  4. Racing Bib Frame.
  5. Wear Your Bibs Out.
  6. Make Your Own DIY Bib Album.
  7. Special Scrapbook Memories.
  8. Bib Folios.

What do you hang medals on?

Hanging Your Medals. Hang your medals from a display shelf with hanging hooks. Purchase a display shelf with hanging hooks that are attached to a wooden strip that runs underneath the length of the shelf. Medals with ribbons can be hung from the hooks, while medals that cannot be hung can be placed on the above shelf.

What do I do with my race medals?

Recycle them. Sports Medal Recycling accepts donations of unwanted medals from athletes and event organizers and even recycles the cardboard boxes and plastic packing materials they’re shipped in. It uses money it gets from the recycling to donate to or participate in charity rides around the country.

How do you secure things in a shadow box?

Here are mounting options to secure items in a shadow box frame.

  1. Glue. You can glue the back of the item directly onto the mounting board or the backing of the shadowbox frame.
  2. Poster putty. For light items, poster putty can work.
  3. Shelves.
  4. Invisible thread and decorative cloth.
  5. Pegboard and twist ties.

How do you display medals without hanging?

Use a shadow box to keep all your medals in one place. I used a top loading shadow box because it’s easier to add a new medal to the collection. Medal storage/display idea! Use a shadow box to keep all your medals in one place.

How do you display medals at home?

How do you display medals without ribbons?

Here’re seven great ideas on how to display medals.

  1. Use a Display Shelf With Hanging Hooks.
  2. Create a Wall Hanging Using a Sports Item.
  3. Display the Medals Inside a Glass Jar.
  4. Use a Military Coin Case Display.
  5. Use a Large Frame with a Fabric Backing.
  6. Display the Medals in a Shadow Box.
  7. Create a DIY Medal Hanger.