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How do you complete the paper trail in GTA 4?

How do you complete the paper trail in GTA 4?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Meet Jacob at the salvage yard off of Grummer Road.
  2. Get into the helicopter.
  3. Fly south and locate the target chopper.
  4. Wait for the target to fly over the sea.
  5. Get close and move to the right of the target chopper to give Jacob a shot.

How do you unlock the whole map in GTA 4?

To unlock the achievement, complete single player missions one by one, and once Three Leaf Clover is complete, all islands will have been unlocked. The islands required are: Broker/Dukes.

Where is the secret car in GTA 4?

Behind an old, run-down mansion in Westdyke, Alderney at the end of the dirt roads, there is a hidden and extremely rare Sultan RS parked in some bushes. This is practically the only way to find the car in-game.

Where can I find the little Jacob in GTA 4?

Similar to the other friends in the game (save for Brucie Kibbutz), there are six activities that the player can do with Jacob: Drink, Eat, Play Pool, Visit a Strip Club, Attend A Show, and Play Darts. Jacob’s favorite locations to eat are fast-food restaurants, particularly Cluckin’ Bell.

Where can I find Alonzo in GTA 4?

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV Alonso is a henchman and friend of Teddy Benavidez. He hangs around the apartment block in Northwood.

How do you rescue a Roman in GTA 4?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Go to the warehouse where Roman is being held.
  2. Roman is on the top floor. Rescue him.
  3. Use Free Aim to take out the kidnapper and free Roman.
  4. Follow Roman.
  5. Take Roman back to the Bohan safehouse.

Why can’t you cross the bridge GTA 4?

Grand Theft Auto IV When Niko Bellic arrives in Liberty City, his cousin Roman informs him that the city’s bridges are closed due to a terrorist threat, and police cars are stationed on the bridge, restricting transport (more so for Niko because he does not have a visa).

How do you unlock Algonquin in GTA 4?

Algonquin offers plenty of activity. Players can unlock the area after the mission Blow Your Cover. Roman’s insurance money finally kicks in as he buys an expensive property. Luck is finally turning around for the Bellic cousins.

Is there a gym in GTA 4?

Accepted Answer. There is no gym in GTA IV that you can enter.

Why did malorie sleep with Vlad?

Roman’s girlfriend, Mallorie Bardas began having sex with Vlad to prevent Roman from being hurt for not being able to pay his debts.