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How do you breed mutants genetic gladiators?

How do you breed mutants genetic gladiators?

Overview. As mentioned above, breeding a mutant is fairly simple: You pick two eligible parents for the source genes, place them in the Breeding Center, and see what comes out. In order to be eligible for breeding, a mutant must have a full Mutosterone bar.

How do you breed rakshasa in mutants genetic gladiators?

Rakshasa is a Rare Zoomorph-Saber mutant. The ‘easiest’ way to get one is by breeding a Beast and Warrior.

How do you breed Zomborg in mutants genetic gladiators?

Zomborg is a Rare Necro-Cyber mutant, that you can get early on the game. The ‘easiest’ way is cross-breeding a Zombie and Robot. It’s also a specific parent for Bushi if you breed with Stealth Bot. It can also be used to create The Devourer by breeding with a Planet Cleaner.

How do you get Horus in mutants genetic gladiators?

Combinations. The specific parent combinations for Horus are: C’thlig + Xenos. Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord.

How do you breed a MGG Terrordoll?


  1. Bushi + Stealth Bot.
  2. Reptoid + Undead Dragon.

How do you get Captain Bag O Bones in mutants genetic gladiators?

Combinations. The specific parent combinations for Captain Bag ‘O’ Bones are: Captain Wrenchfury + The Darkseer. Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon.

How do you breed a blade banshee in mutant?

A Blade Banshee is a Rare mutant. You can crossbreed a Warrior with a Zombie to have a chance at obtaining a Blade Banshee larva. You can also purchase a Blade Banshee larva at the Shop. For a higher chance, try breeding Nordic Knightmare + Zombie, Warrior + Leech Lord, or Dire Despot + Nordic Knightmare.

How do you breed a Martian Marauder in mutants?

Martian Marauder is a Rare Saber-Galactic mutant. He is obtainable by crossbreeding any two mutants, one of which possesses the Saber gene and the other a Galactic gene. For best chances use Nordic Knightmare + Astro Surfer.

How do you breed legendary mutants?

Most Legendary mutants cannot be bred unless itself is involved as one of breeding parents, except some Legendary mutants that’re permanently breedable since the change at May 26th 2016, which allows Psy Captains to breed them just normally like other breedable mutants, regardless of using the same or specific parent(s …

How do you breed the Interceptrix in mutants?

The specific parent combinations for Interceptrix are:

  1. Captain Bag ‘O’ Bones + Terrordoll.
  2. Deus Machina + Gandolphus.

How do you breed a tutti gooey?

Tutti Gooey is a Rare Galactic-Necro mutant. The ‘easiest’ way to get one is to crossbreed an Alien and a Zombie.

How do you breed a Terrordoll?

Is there a breeding guide for genetic Gladiators?

This Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide contains a list of of all the cross breeds when you succeed. To obtain the “rare” breeds with higher chance, you should substitute the double gene mutants in place of single gene.

How do you breed a legendary mutant?

In actuality there are no specific correct parents to breed a Legendary. All that is required is that one of the parents share a gene with the desired resulting upgraded mutant, and the rest is luck of the draw. Breeding new mutants is simple enough; as soon as two mutants have full Mutosterone bars, you can cross-breed them.

What is Dracus nobilis?

Dracus Nobilis is a Rare Zoomorph – Mythic mutant. It is one of the specific parents needed to obtain Horus . Dracus Nobilis, as its name suggests, looks like an Asian-stylized dragon.

Is it possible to breed mutants?

There is no level requirement for basic breeding, and as such a player can start cross-breeding mutants as soon as they have a pair that are ready to go. While this is a perfectly valid breeding method, throwing two random mutants in for breeding will get exactly that back out – a somewhat random result.