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How do I work out my HGV driving hours?

How do I work out my HGV driving hours?

After every 4.5 hours of driving, drivers are required to take a 45-minute break and that is the HGV driving hours made simple. The time that drivers spend driving can consist of one block of 4.5 hours or it can be made up of shorter blocks that equal 4.5 hours.

How many hours can a Class 1 driver work?

The drivers’ hours rules puts a daily limit of 9 hours of driving between daily/weekly rest periods. The daily limit can however be increased to a maximum of 10 hours driving in a day but only twice in any one week.

How do you calculate 70 hour rule?

In other words, drivers have a limited number of hours they can be ON-Duty per cycle (week). To calculate this total, add up the time spent Driving and ON-Duty today, plus the prior 7 days. That total cannot be more than 70 hours.

How many 15 hour shifts can a HGV driver do?

An HGV driver must rest for a minimum of nine hours within a 24-hour period up to three times a week, which allows them to work three 15-hour days in the same week.

How many hours can I drive a 7.5 ton lorry?

Weekly hours In any given week a driver can drive for no more than 56 hours. However, drivers are not permitted to drive for more than 90 hours over the course of two weeks so if a driver reaches the 56-hour maximum in one week then the weeks preceding and proceeding that week must not exceed 34 driving hours.

How do drivers hours work?

Weekly Driving Hours Put simply: Drivers must have 45 hours of rest over a week. This can be reduced to 24 hours, but it must be followed by a full rest period during a 2-week period. Drivers must not work more than an average 48 hours a week; this spans a 17-26 week period, depending on your workforce agreement.

What is the 6 hour rule?

What is the 6 hour rule? It suggests that a driver should not have more than six driving hours without taking a break. Moreover, before working beyond the 6 hours, you must have taken a break of at least 15 minutes.

Can HGV drivers drive for 11 hours?

This means drivers can legally drive for 11 hours twice a week, increasing from nine hours maximum previously. Weigh HGV drivers shortage issues against the risks involved by requesting them to drive for 11 hours a day.

How do you calculate driving hours?

Use a map or a computer map program to determine the total number of miles for your trip. Divide this number by 60. This is your estimated driving time. For example if you plan to travel 150 miles, at an estimated speed of 60 miles per hour this trip is going to take about two and a half hours.

Is the 34-hour restart mandatory?

Is the 34-hour restart rule mandatory? No, the 34-hour restart provision is not mandatory. The rule is simply one tool you can use to manage your drivers’ hours. Depending on your drivers and their preferences, a 34-hour restart may be the quickest way to reset their clocks and get back on the road.

Can I drive HGV 7 days in a row?

Do HGV driving hour rules allow you to drive 7 days in a row? No, you can only drive a maximum of 6 days in a row between weekly rests.

Can a driver work 2 weekends in a row?

The Fortnightly Drive Rule You can drive no more than 90 hours within 2 consecutive weeks. This is any 2 weeks together, and the rolling total must not exceed 90 hours.

How do you calculate hours worked by a HGV driver?

The number of hours worked each week by a HGV driver should be averaged out over a continuous 17 week period, this reference period can be extended to 26 weeks if there is a relevant agreement in place. The continuous 17 to 26 week period is used to calculate the average weekly working time and this is known as the reference period.

How many breaks do HGV drivers have to take in a day?

The type and number of breaks a HGV driver must take in a day all depends on whether they are driving or doing other work. If they are driving then they must take a 45 minute break once they have driven for a total of 4.5 hours in any day.

What time do HGV drivers work at night?

HGV drivers working at night (also referred to as night time period) Carrying out work during the night time period is classed as anything between midnight and 4am for goods vehicles.

How many hours can a HGV driver drive in the EU?

Here is a summary of the EU drivers’ hours rules and working time directive for HGV drivers. EU Driver’s Hours Rules Driving Hours 9 hours daily driving limit, this can be increased to 10 hours twice a week Maximum of 56 hours weekly driving limit Maximum of 90 hours fortnightly driving limit Drivers Hours Breaks