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How do I win battles in Forge of Empires?

How do I win battles in Forge of Empires?

A good strategy is to target all of the attack from the artillery units on one other unit at a time, until they are all gone. If most of the units are light units, Artillery units should not be used. For later ages, keep in mind that artillery units can not hit flying units.

How do I attack other players in Forge of Empires?

A neighbor may only be attacked after unlocking the PvP Fights. To attack someone, simply press the two swords icon on the neighbors tab or press on the image below when visiting their city.

How do you fight GVG in Forge of Empires?

Expand your empire. Click on any adjacent sector with red bars (the green ones are sectors owned by your guild) and then click “View sector.” The assigning menu will appear. Get your troops assigned and place a siege on that sector; your guild mates can now join in and fight in battle!

What is the best army to have in Forge of Empires?

These are the best military units in FOE regardless of ages in my opinion: 1) AA (CE) – imo the best unit of all ages. Maybe a little bit too powerful even. 2) Ranger (CA) – completely revolutionized medieval warfare.

What does the color guard do in Forge of Empires?

Color guards have the rally skill which gives a 12% bonus to defense and attack to all friendly units in a battle. However, this only works once. Therefore, having two color guards still gives a 12% bonus.

Are Rogues good in Forge of Empires?

units – these units when transformed will take no damage and can retaliate when they are attacked. If you can two hit kill the enemy units, using rogues with these are very efficient and you will almost always have a clean victory.

How do I stop being plundered in Forge of Empires?

Simply tap one of the units and then select the blue “shield”-icon to add it to your city defense: Lastly, the Friends Tavern also offers a city shield for a bit of tavern silver. This will prevent other players from mounting an attack against your city and thus also prevent them from plundering it.

What is attrition foe?

Whenever a player successfully completes a battle or a negotiation (in the context of a Guild Battleground) they will build up Attrition. This is a percentage value that directly affects the (attack and defense) boosts of the defending armies and the difficulty level of the negotiations that the player will face.

How do you expand faster in Forge of Empires?

Reward expansions are unlocked by researching certain technologies in the technology tree or rewarded upon the conquest of certain provinces on the campaign map. Once unlocked, players must pay coins to place the expansion. Alternatively, players can pay diamonds instead. Victory expansions can be bought with medals.

What is the strongest unit in Forge of Empires?

These are the best military units in FOE regardless of ages in my opinion:

  • AA (CE) – imo the best unit of all ages.
  • Ranger (CA) – completely revolutionized medieval warfare.
  • Archer (IA) – the pre-nerf version was just amazing.
  • Conscript (PE) – the first true do-it-all unit imo.

Is it possible to hack Forge of Empires?

With Forge of Empires Hack it is possible to hack Supplies, Unlimited Gold and diamonds. Hack software could be run only on Mac and Computer systems. Forge of Empires cheat code Tool supports iOS (includes iPhone, iPad, ipod itouch), Android ( tablets and smartphoness) and Windows .

How much does it cost to play Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires is completely free to play. You can sign up for a free account and play as much as you like without incurring any costs. However, there are some in-game purchases that can make the game easier and your progress faster. This is obviously fantastic news. It means that you can sign up, play the game and see if its for you before

How do you play Forge of Empires?

gather resource, spend, build, wait, attack, repeat. The best way to play forge of empires is to not play it, it helps your wallet from getting drained. It is just a simple, cheap, but addictive mechanic with wait timers, easy progression in the beginning, grindy in the end, and you know it will try to lure you into spending money.

How do you get more land in Forge of Empires?

– 16 expansions already in place in a new city. – 58 reward expansions, obtained through research. – 42 reward expansions, obtained from conquests on the campaign map. – 38 victory expansions. – 50 premium expansions.