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How do I use the combat service identification badge?

How do I use the combat service identification badge?

Wear. The Combat Service Identification Badge is worn on the lower right pocket for male soldiers and on the right side parallel to the waistline for female soldiers. Soldiers can wear the CSIB on the new blue Army Service Uniform, Class A and Class B.

Can I wear a CSIB?

The CSIB is only authorized for wear with the Army Service Uniform (ASU) and not the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) nor the discontinued Army Green Service Uniform.

What is an ID badge Army?

Identification badges of the Uniformed Services of the United States are insignia worn by service members conducting special duties, many of which can be awarded as permanent decorations if those duties are performed successfully.

How do you wear an Army identification badge?

(a) On service and dress uniforms, the identification badge is worn parallel to the waistline on the coat of the Army green uniform, with one inch between badges when two are worn on the same side.

How many army badges can you wear?

Soldiers may wear up to three badges from groups 3 and 4 above the ribbons. One badge from either group 1 or group 2 may be worn with badges from groups 3 and 4 above the ribbons so long as the total number of badges above the ribbons does not exceed three.

How many CSIB can be worn?

You may wear up to 4 badges, two on the right, and two on the left. In your case, two on the right, and on centered on the left. On the Army service/dress uniform coat and the service uniform shirt, ID badges are worn centered on the pocket of the coat or shirt.

What is a U.S. Army combat patch?

Those soldiers who are combat veterans are authorized permanent wear of the SSI of the unit they fought with on their right shoulder. This shoulder sleeve insignia recognizes “former wartime service” and is frequently called a “combat patch”.

What are the badges on an army uniform?

As described in Army Regulations 670-1 Uniforms and Insignia, badges are categorized into marksmanship, combat and special skill, identification, and foreign. Combat and Special Skill badges are further divided into five groups.

What is identification badge?

(ˌaɪˈdiː bædʒ ), identification badge or identity badge. noun. a badge that serves to identify the person wearing it.

How many Army badges can you wear?

What is the hardest badge to get in the Army?

the Expert Field Medical Badge
“It’s called the Expert Field Medical Badge for a reason.” Army medical personnel have to complete the same tasks as their infantry brethren but take it several steps further.

What is the rarest badge in the Army?

The Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Identification Badge is a military badge of the United States Army which honors those soldiers who have been chosen to serve as members of the Honor Guard, known as “Sentinels”, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.