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How do I use the Colgate whitening pen?

How do I use the Colgate whitening pen?

It’s easy to use: click the back of the pen and apply the unique formula onto clean, dry teeth. The formula dries within seconds, and will stay on your teeth while you sleep. To remove, simply brush your teeth when you wake up the next morning and enjoy a whiter smile.

Do you rinse Colgate whitening pen?

After a thorough brushing, remove the top cap of the pen and twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel on the brush tip. Then, apply a thin layer of whitening gel to each tooth’s surface, making sure the entire tooth’s surface is in contact with the whitening gel. Finally, don’t rinse.

Can you drink water after Colgate whitening pen?

The product takes seconds to apply, and it is best if you avoid eating or drinking anything for the first hour after application to make the whitening process more effective.

How long do you leave teeth whitening pen on?

Simplicity. Using a teeth whitening pen is easy and convenient. You don’t need to let it sit, and you don’t need extra accessories or an appointment. You simply brush on the solution at your convenience and avoid food and drink for 20-30 minutes.

How often should you use the Colgate whitening pen?

It’s Lit is safe to use nightly (once per day). The recommended cycle is one week at a time, but you can use it until it is finished.

Do whitening pens damage teeth?

They found no significant negative effects. You might wonder how a teeth whitening pen affects your existing dental work. The thing to know about all peroxide whiteners is they do not work on dental restorations. This means your dental work may need replacement after a tooth whitening treatment.

Can you eat or drink after Colgate whitening Pen?

Avoid eating or drinking for 1 hour after application. The treatment period for a teeth whitening pen is between 20 and 30 minutes. It is important to focus on all visible tooth surfaces, especially areas with heavy staining.

How often should you use teeth whitening pen?

With Dr. Brite’s teeth whitening pens, we recommend using them 2-3 times a day for best results. All it takes is a quick 2 minutes for application and you’re on your way to whiter smile.

Can I swallow while using a whitening pen?

4. Can I swallow after using a whitening pen? Teeth Whitening Pens do not contain any gel that can be eaten, but a tiny bit should not be harmful. Whitening Pen is 99 percent natural and safe to use.

How long does it take for Colgate Optic White to work?

As we noted above, using Colgate Optic White Professional can deliver whiter teeth in as little as three days, though it can take anywhere from a week to 10 days for significant results to be realized.