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How do I use my Nokia C3 phone?

How do I use my Nokia C3 phone?

Nokia C3

  1. Get started. Keep your phone up to date. Keys and parts.
  2. Basics. Personalise your phone.
  3. Connect with your friends and family. Calls.
  4. Camera. Camera basics.
  5. Internet and connections. Activate Wi-Fi.
  6. Organise your day. Date and time.
  7. Maps. Find places and get directions.
  8. Apps, updates and backups. Get apps from Google Play.

Does Nokia C3 support Jio SIM?

Nokia C3 does not support Jio GSM / HSPA / LTE at this time.

How do I get to home screen on Nokia C3?

To go to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The app you were in stays open in the background. To see which apps you have open, swipe up from the bottom of the screen without releasing your finger until you see the apps, and then release your finger.

How do I install apps on my Nokia C3?

Installed apps are available in the Apps menu. To see your apps, go to the home screen and swipe left….Download apps

  1. Tap App Market .
  2. Tap the search bar to look for apps, or select apps from your recommendations.
  3. In the app description, tap INSTALL to download and install the app.

How good is Nokia C3?

Apart from decent build quality and a clean Android experience, the Nokia C3 doesn’t have enough going in its favour to justify this price. The performance is middling, battery life is weak, cameras aren’t good, and it looks a bit old-fashioned.

How old is Nokia C3?

It is being advertised as an entry-level messaging and social networking phone, retailing at 90 euros before taxes. It was introduced on 13 April 2010 alongside the Nokia E5 and C6.

Is Nokia C3 4G?

Connectivity options on the Nokia C3 include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth v4. 20, USB OTG, Micro-USB, FM radio, 3G, and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India).

How do I turn off my Nokia c3?

  1. Press and hold Disconnect until your phone is turned on.
  2. Key in your PIN and press the Navigation key. The PIN is used to protect your SIM from unauthorised use. Click here for more information about the PIN.
  3. Press and hold Disconnect until the display is turned off.

What is navigation key in Nokia?

The Navigation key. Press the Navigation key to open a menu item or select a setting. Step 2 of 12. The Navigation keys. Press the Navigation keys to scroll though the menu items.

Does Nokia C3 have WIFI?

Connect to Wi-Fi network – Nokia C3 You can use Wi-Fi for various functions in the phone that require a data connection, e.g. Internet access.

Does Nokia C3 have fingerprint?

Advanced Technology. You’re all set with Android 10 software and the fingerprint sensor.

How do I adjust the brightness on my Nokia C3?

Tap Settings > Display > Brightness level . To adjust the brightness, drag the brightness level slider. Make sure that Adaptive brightness is disabled.