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How do I update Vonage firmware?

How do I update Vonage firmware?

Once setup is complete, your password is your Vonage account number. Click Settings from the top menu, then select Upgrade from the left navigation pane. Go to Select and Upgrade Firmware and click Choose File. Select the firmware file and press Upgrade.

How do I fix my Vonage device?

Reboot your Vonage adapter.

  1. Unplug the power on your network devices (modem, router, and Vonage adapter).
  2. Confirm that all the cables are properly and securely connected between the services.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Plug power back into modem.
  5. Wait until modem is ready and fully operational.

Why Vonage is not working?

An internet outage, a firmware upgrade, a power outage, a power surge or a change in the network configuration can cause a disruption in your Vonage service. If you experience a loss of service, try to restart your network first.

How do I change my Vonage adapter?

Sign in to your Online Account. Select Replace Current Adapter or Order New Adapter with a New Line. Follow the prompts to complete ordering your new adapter.

How do I restart the Vonage device?

The Vonage device is in the process of an automatic restart. Wait for the Telephone LED on the top of the Vonage Box to turn blue. Do Not Disturb is active.

Do I need to change settings on my Vonage phone adapter?

Changing settings and configuration options for most Vonage telephone adapters is not required for general use of your phone service. However, if you are an advanced user, you can optionally configure some features of the Vonage Box™ through a web-based user interface as introduced here.

How do I update the status of my Vonage box?

The status updates every 5 minutes, but you can click Refresh to update status on deman. Sign in to the web interface for the Vonage Box™. Specifies your Internet connection type: DHCP (default), Static IP or PPPoE.

How do I use the Vonage integration platform?

Initiate a call from any web page with just one click with the Vonage Integration Platform. Add contact names, notes, and view reports. Complimentary to Vonage Business Communications customers.