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How do I transfer Diablo 3 to another account?

How do I transfer Diablo 3 to another account?

Once the key is activated it is tied to the owner’s Battle.Net account, which is non-transferrable and cannot be sold under any circumstances at this time, per the term of Blizzard’s EULA. So NO, your friend cannot sell you his copy of Diablo III in any legal way.

Can you merge two accounts?

Under a Bnet account you can have multiple game licenses – 8 WoW licenses and 1 of each other game. If you have a second Battlenet account that has a game license on it that you want to move to another Bnet account you can do that with a paid transfer.

Can you transfer accounts?

The Character Transfer service allows you to move characters to other realms, different World of Warcraft accounts, or from one account to another. To transfer a character to another account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name.

How do I transfer my Diablo 3 character from ps4 to ps4?

To transfer a save between consoles:

  1. Start Diablo III. You may need to patch the game.
  2. Go to the main menu and select More.
  3. Select Export Save.
  4. Start Ultimate Evil Edition on your new console.
  5. Select Import Save from the main menu.

Does Blizzard have family sharing?

We don’t recognize the transfer of accounts between individuals. Activities performed on your account are your liability. You may not share your account or password with anyone, except if you are a parent or guardian, in which case you may permit one minor child to use your account.

How do I merge WoW1 and WoW2?

Licenses cannot be merged. If you wish to have the characters from WoW2 on your WoW1 license, you will need to use the Character Transfer service.

Can you have multiple Blizzard accounts on one email?

You’ll just need to create a new email address. Also, from Blizzard’s Terms of Service: Ownership/Selling of the Account or Virtual Items. Blizzard does not recognize the transfer of Accounts.

Does Blizzard ban for account sharing?

Blizzard has confirmed the new ban wave that happened last evening. Initially, some players received an RMT notice in error, however, a second email was sent to clarify that the suspension was for “Unauthorized Account Access”.

Can you switch from Alliance to Horde?

The Faction Change service is a paid service offered by Blizzard that allows players to change the faction (Alliance or Horde) of a character. This service is being offered in response to player requests.

Why is McCree Cassidy?

Blizzard changing the hero’s name from Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy is due to the ongoing harassment suit brought against Activision Blizzard by the State of California.

How do I log into multiple accounts?

Launching Multiple World of Warcraft Clients

  1. Launch the desktop app,
  2. Launch the World of Warcraft account you want and click Play,
  3. Press Alt + Tab to switch to the desktop app,
  4. Select a different World of Warcraft account and click Play.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.