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How do I SELECT a variable in MySQL?

How do I SELECT a variable in MySQL?

To store query result in one or more variables, you use the SELECT INTO variable syntax:

  1. SELECT c1, c2, c3.
  2. SELECT city INTO @city FROM customers WHERE customerNumber = 103;
  3. SELECT @city;
  4. SELECT city, country INTO @city, @country FROM customers WHERE customerNumber = 103;
  5. SELECT @city, @country;

How do you SELECT into outfile?

You can also use SELECT INTO OUTFILE with a VALUES statement to write values directly into a file. An example is shown here: SELECT * FROM (VALUES ROW(1,2,3),ROW(4,5,6),ROW(7,8,9)) AS t INTO OUTFILE ‘/tmp/select-values.

How do you set a SELECT statement to a variable in SQL?

To assign a value to a variable, use the SET statement. This is the preferred method of assigning a value to a variable. A variable can also have a value assigned by being referenced in the select list of a SELECT statement.

Does SELECT into work in MySQL?

SELECT works, this should be the accepted answer. The “AS” keyword is apparently optional, and SELECT INTO doesn’t work with MySQL.

How do I print a variable value in MySQL?

“mysql print variable” Code Answer

  1. declare myvar INT default 0;
  2. SET myvar = 5;
  3. SELECT concat(‘myvar is ‘, myvar);

How do you store the results of SQL query in a variable in a shell script?

Linux: Store SQL Query Result in a Variable in Shell Script

  1. #!/bin/bash c_ename=`sqlplus -s SCOTT/tiger@//YourIP:1521/orcl <
  2. chmod +x sqltest.

How do I get output in MySQL?

The Output is located at the bottom of MySQL Workbench. Its select box includes the Action Output , History Output , and Text Output options.

How do I pass multiple values to a single variable in SQL Server?

Pack the values into one string with comma separated. Set the string as parameter and pass it into the SQL statement. Unpack the values and insert the values into a table, Where customerid in (select id from #temp)

What is @@ in MySQL?

@@ – System Variable @@ is used for system variables. Using different suffix with @@ , you can get either session or global value of the system variable.

How do you store variables in SQL?

Variables in SQL procedures are defined by using the DECLARE statement. Values can be assigned to variables using the SET statement or the SELECT INTO statement or as a default value when the variable is declared. Literals, expressions, the result of a query, and special register values can be assigned to variables.

How do you get the output of a particular SELECT query to an output file?

We simply add the words INTO OUTFILE, followed by a filename, to the end of the SELECT statement. For example: SELECT id, first_name, last_name FROM customer INTO OUTFILE ‘/temp/myoutput.

How pass multiple parameters in SQL query?

Passing Multiple Parameters In SQL IN Clause With SQL Command

  1. DataSet ds = new DataSet();
  2. String strNames = “”;
  3. strNames = “John,Rohan,Krist,Bronk,Peter”;
  4. SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
  5. cmd. CommandText = “select * from tblemployee where ename in(@strNames)”;
  6. cmd.
  7. SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter();
  8. da.

What is the syntax of MySQL dump?

Syntax of MySQL Dump. We can create the backup by dumping one or more of the selected tables or by dumping a set of one or more databases or we can dump the entire MySQL server that will contain all databases and tables in it along with other objects. All three functionalities can be used by using the mysqldump command.

How to use variables in mysql query statement?

The variables in MySQL are accessed and declared in the format of @ before the name of the variable. In this article, we will learn how we can save the fetched values of the query statement into the variables in MySQL and learn its syntax and implementation with the help of some examples.

How to get the output of mysqldump?

You could use –where option on mysqldump to produce an output that you are waiting for: mysqldump -u root -p test t1 –where=”1=1 limit 100″ > arquivo.sql At most 100 rows from test.t1 will be dumped from database table.

What happens when you dump the educba file in MySQL?

This is the dumped flat-file created after dumping the educba file that contains the command of create a database, create a table and insert queries to insert the records in the table. Let us now drop the database educba using the following command –