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How do I run Tomcat on port 443?

How do I run Tomcat on port 443?

Now the requirement is that, we exclude the Port no. from the URL. Believe the only way out is to use Port 443 instead of 8443, so in the above configuration in the SSL section we just replace the port “”8443″” with Port “”443″” and give the redirectPort as “”8443″”.

How do I run Tomcat on HTTPS?

When installing Tomcat on Windows or any other platform, the HTTPS connector must be configured using the following procedure:

  1. Locate the server.xml file for the Tomcat installation.
  2. Enable the Connector element by removing the comment characters around it.
  3. Set the port value for HTTPS.
  4. Generate the server certificate.

What port does Tomcat run on?

By default, Tomcat starts up on HTTP connector 8080. If another application on the install machine is already using port 8080 (for example, if you have another instance of Tomcat on the machine), then change the default startup port by modifying the conf/server. xml file.

How do I run Tomcat on 8443?

Change the Default Port of the Tomcat Server

  1. Locate the file server. xml in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/ where $CATALINA_BASE is the directory in which you installed Tomcat.
  2. In server.xml, find a statement similar to the following:
  3. Change the Connector port=”8443″ port to any other port number.
  4. Save the server.

Does Tomcat support HTTPS?

The default for HTTPS is 443, but just as Tomcat uses 8080 instead of 80 to avoid conflicts, 8443 is used instead of 443 here. Verify that folder permissions are owned by the Tomcat user.

Does Tomcat support https?

How do I make my Tomcat server public?

The general explanation would be to open the port on your firewall and put some kind of port forwarding on your router (port 80 to port 8080 would be expected). You can also change the port Tomcat is expecting connections from 8080 to 80, so you should only forward port 80 to port 80 on the inner network.

How do I run Tomcat on a different port?


  1. Stop Apache Tomcat service.
  2. Go to your Apache Tomcat folder (for example C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0) and find file server.
  3. Modify the Connector port value from 8080″ to the one you want to assign to your web server.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart the Apache Tomcat service.

How do I find Tomcat port?

4 Answers

  1. Go to tomcat>conf folder.
  2. Edit server.xml.
  3. Search “Connector port”
  4. Replace “8080” by your port number.
  5. Restart tomcat server.

Is Port 8443 a HTTPS?

Port 8443 in Apache Tomcat is used for running your service at HTTPS, it requires parameters to be specified as mentioned below. The above code enables SSL on port 8443, the default port for HTTPS is 443, so to avoid conflicts it uses 8443 instead of 443 just like 8080 for HTTP instead of 80.

How do I configure SSL?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address for your SSL certificate.

  1. Copy the files into the default location on your server.
  2. Install the certificate.
  3. Import an SSL certificate from another server.
  4. Set up the bindings.
  5. Save the certificate and key file.
  6. Configure httpd.
  7. iptables.
  8. Verify configuration syntax.