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How do I reset MyBookLive?

How do I reset MyBookLive?

Press and hold down the reset button for four seconds. The device reboots (this may take up to three minutes).

How do I recover data from WD My Book Live?

Steps to recover data from factory reset or hacked WD MyBook devices:

  1. Connect the WD MyBook Live hard drive to a Windows PC using the steps described earlier.
  2. Download and run Stellar Data Recovery Professional software on the system.
  3. Select ‘All Data’ or the specific type of files you wish to recover. Click Next.

Is MyBookLive still supported?

We are here to help . Although this product family is no longer sold or supported by Western Digital, we know some of our customers have been impacted and we want to help. If you have lost your data as a result of these attacks, we will provide data recovery services which will be available beginning in July.

Why is my WD external hard drive blinking?

Blinking light is a default behavior as long as drive is connected to a powered on machine. If it is annoying, specially in night, as it did to me, you can disable it using settings in ‘Discovery for Mac’ software which comes with your WD Passport. Thanks.

Why is my WD My Cloud blinking?

A white flashing light means the file system was determined at boot to be possibly corrupt and it’s attempting to repair it. It can take quite a long time.

Where is the reset button on WD My Book?

Turn around the drive and locate the “Reset” button on the back panel of the unit. It is a recessed button inside a small hole.

Does WD provide data recovery?

We can recover data from WD hard drives in all data loss situations, such as hard drive corruption, drive formatting, physical damage, water or fire damage, etc. We ensure complete safety and privacy of your data at all the stages of data recovery process.

How do I connect to MyBookLive?

How to connect My Book Live with WIndows 10

  1. Open your file browser.
  2. In the Network pane under Storage section, you should see your My Book Live device.
  3. RIGHT click that icon, select Open option.
  4. A file browser will appear, you now should have access to your My Book Live storage.

Can I connect WD My Book Live directly to computer?

WD 2go web access provides fee-free remote access to your My Book Live personal cloud storage. Once you log in, WD 2go mounts My Book Live to your computer like a local drive and provides access to your remote folders from any Mac or PC. Seamlessly open, save as, and attach files to emails from this virtual drive.