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How do I reprogram my Jeep computer?

How do I reprogram my Jeep computer?


  1. disconnect positive battery cable.
  2. disconnect negative batter cable.
  3. hold both cables together for 30 seconds.
  4. connect positive back up.
  5. connect negative.

How do I reset my ECU Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep ECU Reset Procedure

  1. Disconnect the battery by removing the positive battery cable.
  2. Ground the positive cable to the negative cable for 30 seconds to erase the electric charge in the capacitors.
  3. Reconnect the positive cable to the battery.
  4. Turn the key to on but do not start.
  5. Turn the headlights on.

What is the ECU on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

An ECM is a single type of electronic control unit (ECU), a unit that manages electrical systems and subsystems within your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Other units include: Transmission Control Module (TCM) – This module helps your transmission switch gears for optimal performance.

How do you know if the computer in your car is bad?

Symptoms of Car Computer Damage

  1. Stalling and Misfiring. Early symptoms of car computer damage are stalling when idle and engine misfires.
  2. Apparent Loss of Ignition Pulse.
  3. Increased Mileage.
  4. Check Engine Warning Light.
  5. Electric Burning Smell.
  6. Car Won’t Start.
  7. Loss of Acceleration.

How do you reset the computer in a Jeep Cherokee?

Disconnect the negative battery cable and leave it disconnected overnight. Reconnect the negative battery cable in the morning and all but any hard codes will be cleared. By disconnecting the battery, you are essentially giving the computer a form of amnesia, whereby the computer forgets any stored codes.

What is a Jeep PCM?

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is the computer that controls most of your Jeep’s essential systems. The PCM controls the engine timing, the fuel to air ratio, the transmission, and the anti-lock brakes, along with dozens of other smaller functions.