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How do I reprint my Articleship completion letter ICAI?

How do I reprint my Articleship completion letter ICAI?

Steps to Download Reprint Letter ICAI

  1. Visit the official ICAI Reprint Portal: Click Here.
  2. Select the letter required from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the registration number.
  4. Enter the verification text (captcha) and click submit.

How do I get an article completion certificate?

On completion of Articleship, a CA Student is required to submit Form 108 to ICAI in which he is required to furnish all relevant details pertaining to Articleship. This Form 108 is mandatorily required to be submitted by a CA Student with ICAI on completion of the articleship.

Why is ICAI reprint letter not working?

There are many instances when the ICAI reprint letter is not working. The reason can be sometimes obvious, like ICAI may not have processed your form or updating of online record may not be done yet. We recommend you to wait for few weeks more if your records are not being shown on ICAI reprint letter sites.

How can I check my Articleship completion status?

Check CA Articleship Status Online – ICAI Articleship Status Online

  1. Check CA Articleship Status Online with ICAI.
  2. Method I : By Your CA’s Membership No.
  3. Method II : By Your Registration Number and DOB.
  4. Method 3rd : By Using Principle Membership No and DOB.
  5. Method 4th : By Your Registration No.

How do I download reprint letter from ICAI?

Reprint letters issued to registered CA students, qualified chartered accountant members and CA Firms.

  1. A) Reprint ICAI letter for CA Students.
  2. B) Download letters issued to ICAI members.
  3. Step-1 (Official Site):
  4. Step-2 (Enter Reg. No.):
  5. Step-3 (Download Letter):

Which form is filled for completion of Articleship?

Form 108
Requirements for Form 108 an articled assistant who has completed 3 years of articleship training are require to submit form 108.

Who will issue the completion certificate?

A completion certificate will only be issued after fulfilling all the requirements mentioned above. Who issues the completion certificate? The local civic body, like the Municipal Corporation or local development authority, issues the certificate of construction completion.

How do I download reprint letter from icai?

What is Articleship registration number?

You receive Student registration number after completion of registration process for first time in any course in ICAI. But, Articleship registration number is provided by ICAI when you register for articleship.

How can I get form 108?

CA Articleship Completion Form 108, CA articleship form 108. After Completion of 3 Years Articleship Training Every CA Student Require to submit Form 108 to ICAI ….Fees Payable for Late Submission of form 108.

(i) Delay upto 30 days beyond the initial period Rs. 100/-
[ii] Delay between 31 days – 180 days Rs. 300/-

How many leaves are allowed in Articleship?

There is total of 157 days leave which an article can take during the articleship period. There is no fixed leave been granted for CA final preparations.

How do I download SSP 103 portal?

Member Login For uploading the signed copy of the PDFs, the student is required to login again, view the registration form in the submitted applications tab, click next on all the screens and upload the signed and scanned copy of the Deed (Form 102) and Registration (Form 103) PDF on the last screen.

Where can I get a copy of articleship completion letter?

You can get it from your office where you did your articleship. The exact copy of Articleship completion letter is also sent to your principal. So just take a xerox/photo copy of it from your office.

How can I get a duplicate completion letter?

you can apply for a duplicate completion letter. just send an application on plain paper ti icai. But that might take time… I probably won’t get it before the last date of submission of examination form.. Can I directly go to delhi and collect the letter??? The e-Sahaayataa service of the Institute also doesn’t seem to be working…

How to get articleship completion letter from ICAI?

No need to worry, just visit to your nearest ICAI office and ask for articleship completion letter.

What is a letter of completion for construction projects?

Letters of completion and these type of documents serve as the mechanism with which parties agree that that phase of the project is closed out – which is critical for disputes, contractor performance assessments and other important outcomes.