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How do I redeem CURewards?

How do I redeem CURewards?

How to redeem your points:

  1. Travel—points can be redeemed for travel online ( or over the phone (800-900-6160).
  2. Merchandise—points can be redeemed for merchandise online ( or through the mail.
  3. Gift Cards—points can be redeemed for gift cards online only.

How do I get CURewards?

Every time you select credit instead of debit at checkout you’ll earn CURewards points. Earn one point for every $5 you spend using your TruMark Financial Visa® debit card, and earn one point for every $1 you spend using or Rewards Visa credit card.

What is CURewards points with Visa?

With our credit card rewards program — CURewards — turn your purchases and balance transfers into Rewards Points when you use your ESL Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card. Then easily redeem your points for cash back, merchandise, travel, and more!

How do I activate my OnPoint card?

How can I activate my debit card? Simply use your card at any OnPoint ATM or in a PIN-based transaction. You can also activate your debit card by calling 800.992. 3808.

Do CURewards points expire?

CURewards points have a 5 year expiration date from the date they are earned.

How do I contact CURewards?

Customer Service Get answers to your questions about CURewards

  1. Account Access. Login.
  2. General Inquiries. 1-800-637-7728.
  3. Merchandise Questions. Email.
  4. Travel Questions. Email.

What can I get with CURewards?

CURewards provides redemption options from 2,500 points to 375,000 with something for just about everyone. Across these point levels you may obtain hundreds of different travel and merchandise items. These include domestic and in- ternational airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, electronics and house-wares.

Is point a prepaid card?

Point accounts are covered through FDIC insurance for up to $250,000. After that, cardholders can use either the physical or virtual card at retailers. Since Point Card is a debit card, cardholders can withdraw money from their account using any ATM.

What credit score do I need to get an OnPoint credit card?

Compare to other cards

Onpoint Community Credit Union Platinum Visa® Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card
Intro APR Purchase: 3.99% for 6 mos Intro APR N/A
Recommended Credit Score 630850average – excellent Recommended Credit Score 690850good – excellent

How do I cancel my ESL debit card?

Need to report a lost or stolen card? Call us at 585.336. 1000 or 800.848. 2265.

How do I withdraw money from my point card?

Transferring Funds out of Point

  1. Open the Point App.
  2. Tap on “Add Cash”
  3. Select “Bank Transfer”
  4. Then select “Out to a Bank”

What bank does the point card use?

Radius Bank
Point has partnered with Radius Bank for the banking infrastructure, an FDIC-insured bank. When it comes to points, every transaction lets you earn points. You get 2x points on groceries and dining and 5x points on subscriptions, such as Spotify and Netflix.