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How do I identify my Hans Wegner chair?

How do I identify my Hans Wegner chair?

Hans Wegner chairs can be identified by traditional joinery techniques such as mortise and tenons, as well as sculpted elements that Wegner incorporated in areas such as the armrest and seat support.

How do you know if a Wishbone Chair is real?

The newer versions of Wishbone Chairs should feature a label on the underside. This should be at the back. And it should display the Carl Hansen & Søn logo, along with Wegner’s signature, and the individual chair’s serial number. There are other versions of Wishbone Chairs that have sticker labels.

Are Wishbone chairs still in style?

Wishbone chairs have recently regained popularity in the design world and are particularly known for their use in modern rustic interiors. We love the contrast between the traditional farmhouse table and the curved shapes and natural textured seats of this modern dining chair style.

Why is the Wishbone Chair so popular?

Its timeless form and beautiful simplicity have seen it grow in relevance and popularity over the last half century. It has a story woven through it, and is a piece to cherish for a lifetime, and pass down the generations. It is an icon. See specifications for the Wishbone Chair.

Are Wishbone chairs durable?

Apart from being stylish, the Wishbone chair is also comfortable thanks to the hand-woven seat made of paper cord that has a durability of over 50 years. {found on stephenturvilarchitects}.

What wood is the Wishbone Chair made of?

The seat’s wickerwork technique and the chair’s original types of wood – beech and oak – are inspired by rustic Nordic furniture, but unlike this furniture, the Wishbone Chair appears light, airy and elegant.

Why is it called a wishbone chair?

The chair became known as the ‘Wishbone’ thanks to its Y-shaped back that not only supports the backrest, but is also comfortable yet minimal – the antithesis of the rigid, heavy backrests of traditional dining chairs.

What do you pair a wishbone chair with?

Pair it With a Tulip Table – Wishbone Chair Styling Ideas. Pull your white Wishbone chairs around a white tulip table. Hang a chandelier covered in organic sisal-like material above the dinner table. Roll out a jute rug beneath the table.

Who makes the Wishbone Chair?

Hans Wegner
Wishbone chair

Designer Hans Wegner
Made in Denmark
Style / tradition Danish
Height 29.5 inches (75 cm)
Width 21.75 inches (55.2 cm)

What is Hans Wegner?

Danish architect Hans J. Wegner is considered a pioneering furniture designer of the twentieth century. Among Danish furniture designers, Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) is considered one of the most creative, innovative and prolific.

How do you care for a wishbone chair?

Wegner’s chairs, for example the Wishbone Chair, CH46 and CH44, usually require no or very little maintenance, as the strong paper cord is designed to last for years. If you want to freshen up the seat, you can wipe it using a cloth tightly wrung out with a neutral colorless soap solution.

Is the elbow chair comfortable?

Despite its looks, Elbow chair is one of the most comfortable designs for any type of modern dining. With the backrest that is made to perfectly coexist with any body shape, this wooden masterpiece will make any gathering more relaxed.