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How do I get tickets for Bayern Munich?

How do I get tickets for Bayern Munich?

Where to buy Bayern Munich football tickets

  1. Live Football Tickets. Book at
  2. Viagogo. Book at
  3. Bayern Munich Official Website. Book at

How much do Bayern tickets cost?

For most Bayern Munich home games, the average ticket price is $390. Cheap tickets can usually be found for around $87 while premium tickets will cost well over $600. For Champion’s league fixtures prices tend to go up and can range from around $300 to $700.

Where can I buy football tickets in Germany?

Practically all German clubs have a ticket office at the stadium where one can buy tickets in advance. This is most of all useful for people living in the city in question or if the stadium is centrally located. German clubs also tend to have an extensive network of pre-sale points (“vorverkaufstellen”).

How do I book a Bundesliga ticket?

You can buy day tickets for all of BVB’s Bundesliga home matches via our:

  1. ticket hotline: 01805/309000 (€0.14/min. from a landline, €0.42/min. max. from a mobile)
  2. in the BVB Fan World, Strobelallee 56.
  3. in our BVB online ticket shop.
  4. or in one of our advance sales points inside or outside of Dortmund.

Is it hard to get Bayern Munich tickets?

There was only one problem with that: Getting tickets to a Bayern Munich match can be very difficult. This difficulty stems from several causes: One, Bayern Munich is damn good historically, having won 27 Bundesliga titles through 2018, including each of the past six seasons.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Munich?

The Bayern Ticket is also valid for travel on almost all buses and trams in Bavaria including all transportation in major cities such as Munich (München), Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Augsburg, and Regensburg.

Are Bayern Munich tickets hard to get?

Is Bayern ticket valid for ice?

The Bayern Ticket and the Bayern Ticket Nacht are NOT valid on: ICE Trains.

When can I buy Bundesliga tickets?

Most release sales one game by one a couple weeks before matchday. Note also that dates aren’t fixed until aprox 6 weeks in advance, depending on how the European competitions go for the Bundesliga clubs. For some it is next to impossible to get tickets through the general sale.

Why are Bundesliga tickets so cheap?

Seifert says the success of the Bundesliga is because of the “core value” of the supporter coming first at its clubs. This is why tickets are kept so cheap. “Because the clubs don’t ask for more money,” he explains. “It is not in the clubs’ culture so much [to raise prices].

How much do Bundesliga tickets cost?

Prices of season tickets of the Bundesliga clubs in 2019/2020. The statistic presents the prices of season tickets first Bundesliga club matches in Germany in 2019/2020. Season tickets for standing places for SC Paderborn and Borussia Dortmund matches were the most expensive at 225 and 219 euros respectively.

Do Bayern Munich games sell out?

Two, the current side always features popular world-class players. Three, fan friendly policies in all of the Bundesliga mean that attending games is very cheap, so tickets are tougher to find. As a result, tickets for Bayern Munich’s entire season had already sold out before the first match was even played.