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How do I get the silver key in South Park?

How do I get the silver key in South Park?

Switch your buddy to Butter’s and use his buddy ability to heal the boy. He will hand over the key. Head back into the hall and go right to the Counselor’s office. Inside, the key is up on the shelf.

Where is the Brass Key in South Park The Stick of Truth?

Look in the janitor’s closet for some supplies, then keep going down the newly opened hallway. Take out the hall monitors here by fighting them, or shooting the bulletin board behind them to have it fall on their heads. Once the enemies are disposed of, you receive the Brass Key.

Where is the silver key in Hello Neighbor?

The red and silver key was in Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. It belonged to the player in Alpha 1, and was the key to the front door of their house. In Alpha 2 however, it belonged to the Neighbor, and unlocked the tool room holding the lockpick and a crowbar.

How do you fart in Stick of Truth?

“Dragon shout” – Face the thing you want to fart on, Right stick down, Left stick up and move it slightly side to side until you feel the controller vibrate, then hold the left stick in that position and move the right stick up.

Where are all the silver keys in Brightwall village?

Brightwall Village // 5 Silver Keys Take the stairs to the Silver Key. Facing the Library in Brightwall, take a left and explore the patch of grass and trees littered with boulders. Behind the row of boulders is a Silver Key. A Silver Key can be found behind the House of Cluck, between the building and the city wall.

Where is the golden key in the Stick of Truth?

Stand in front of the fire and use Dragonshout to knock them out and clear the way. Continue north and try to open the cafeteria. Mackey will tell you that you need a gold key to open the door. Head to the west and you’ll find another hallway monitor waiting.

How do I get Mr Mackey’s key?

Mackey in the Community Center after completing “PTA Problems”. You’ll also obtain his storage key so head to U-Stor-It and open his storage. Find a chinpokomon on the top shelf then use the probe to reach the item bag to the right. You’ll get Mackey’s PO Box key there.

What is the magnet gun for in Hello Neighbor?

The Magnet Gun is a Key Item and a Tool Item starting in Alpha 2. It is an item used to grab metal items from a distance. It picks up most of the metal items.