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How do I get rid of powderpost beetles in firewood?

How do I get rid of powderpost beetles in firewood?

Surface Treatments- Active infestations present in bare, exposed wood should be treated with a pesticide containing “borate”, such as BoraCare or Timbor. Borate-containing products will pentrate and get rid of Powderpost beetles inside the wood as well as those entering or exiting the surface of the wood.

Can powder post beetles live in dry wood?

Kiln-dried lumber is heated for a period of hours to a temperature of about 125-140°F. This is sufficient to kill all stages of powderpost beetles that might be in the wood prior to heating. However, even wood that is properly kiln dried may become infested during subsequent storage and transit.

How long do powder post beetles live in wood?

The beetles’ life cycle lasts one to 10 years, depending on the species. Anobiid powderpost beetles infest seasoned softwood and the sapwood of seasoned hardwoods. Figure 1.

Do powder post beetles eat wood?

Adult powderpost beetles do not eat wood, but their larvae consume the sapwood – the soft outer layer of wood – of maple, ash, oak, and pine.

Do powder post beetles come back after treatment?

These tiny holes in wood surfaces are another sure sign of a powderpost beetle infection. Once the adults emerge from the holes, they will mate and lay eggs on the untreated wood, and those new larvae will start the process again.

How long does powder post beetle treatment last?

Our top recommendations for Powder Post Beetle treatment is Boracare and Fipro Aerosol. Bora-Care will be used on the pieces of unfinished wood and should provide protection for up to 12 years.

Are powder post beetles active in the winter?

barn beams If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn this pest is active year round. They don’t rest or go dormant. However, the treatment needs to be done when it’s fairly warm out and above freezing if you plan on using BORATHOR.

Are powder post beetles worse than termites?

So, how exactly are powderpost beetles worse than termites? It’s chiefly a matter of proportion—beetles do essentially the same thing as termites, only faster and on a larger scale. Plus, once they’re in a home, they’re harder to get rid of than termites.

What temperature kills powder post beetles?

120 to 140 degrees
To kill powderpost larvae, the wood would need to be heated to 120 to 140 degrees for about 24 hours, Potter said. It’s also possible to kill the larvae by freezing them. Try finding a commercial freezer or meat company with a locker that’s big enough.

Do powder post beetles infest?

What Is a Powderpost Beetle? “Powderpost” is the descriptive name given to several different species of wood-boring beetles that can infest homes. These insects lay their eggs in the pores of wood. Their larvae then hatch from the eggs, feeding on the wood and creating a series of tunnels as they go.

How do you prevent powder post beetles?

How to Prevent Powderpost Beetles

  1. Kiln-drying lumber (this only kills off active pests and does not prevent re-infestation)
  2. Removal and destruction of dead trees and tree limbs, especially near stored wood products.
  3. Special lighting around warehouses and wood storage areas designed to discourage pests.

How do I get rid of powder post beetles?

Some of the more common remedies for getting rid of powderpost beetles are:

  1. Changing the temperature. If possible, move the infested wood to either an extremely cold or an extremely hot environment.
  2. Borate salt.
  3. Essential oils.
  4. Removing the infected wood.

What kills powder post beetles?

Timbor is a powder that mixes with water. One l.5 lbs pouch is mixed with one gallon of water and sprayed to the infestation surface area.

  • An alternative to Timbor is Boracare.
  • Note when using insecticides: Powderpost beetles’ life cycles vary from 3 months to a year.
  • How do you get rid of powder post beetles?

    When building a new home,make sure that there is a warranty from the builder or a wood supplier against powder post beetle infestation.

  • Refrain from using old lumber that may have been infested at another location.
  • Do not use wood that hasn’t been stored and dried correctly.
  • What is the best treatment for powder post beetles?

    Before bringing home rough-cut or raw lumber,inspect it for signs of pest activity,including damage like holes and carved tunnels.

  • Request that rough-cut and raw lumber be kiln dried before bringing it home.
  • Treat fencing,decks,furniture,garden boxes,and other wooden structures with a long-lasting wood protectant like Cedarshield.
  • How to identify powder post beetles?


  • Biology,Diet and Habitations.
  • Areas of Attack and Damage.
  • True Powderpost Beetles (Lyctidae) damage is characterized by: Presence of extremely fine,flour like powder falling from the surface holes.