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How do I get rid of other storage on iPhone?

How do I get rid of other storage on iPhone?

How to clear ‘Other’ storage on iPhone

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data. Then, in the popup, tap Clear History and Data.

Why is other on my iPhone so large?

The Other category is big and varied, because it’s a real catch-all category. It’s comprised of system caches, logs, Siri voices (if you’ve downloaded other voices), updates, and so much more. One of the biggest culprits for Other growing out of hand is streaming lots of music and video.

What is there in others in storage?

While you can quickly identify which photos, videos, files, documents, apps, and games are consuming the storage real estate, some files might be put under the ‘Other’ category by the system. The system basically puts any unidentified storage files under the ‘Other’ in your Android device’s stock memory analyzer.

Why is other on my iPhone taking up so much storage?

It’s likely caches of images, videos and other content your phone had to store in it’s own memory storage so you could scroll through Facebook without encountering the dreaded “buffering” spinning wheel.

What is other in internal storage?

Why is there so much storage in other?

What is the other taking up storage on my phone?

How do I delete other files on my phone?

Delete files

  1. Open your phone’s Files app .
  2. Tap a file.
  3. Tap Delete Delete. If you don’t see the Delete icon, tap More. Delete .

Why is iPhone storage full?

Why is iPhone storage full when I have iCloud? If your iPhone storage is still full after you turn on iCloud, it’s likely because it’s set to keep your original photos on your phone instead of uploading them to iCloud. To check your iCloud Photos settings: Open the Settings app.

How to free up space on an iPhone [easily]?

Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac via USB cable,and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

  • Select 1-Click Free Up Space tab from the home interface of Umate Pro.
  • Click on Junk Files and then click the Quick Scan button. Umate Pro will scan and list junk files that can be deleted from your iPhone.
  • Click Clean to start the cleaning process.
  • How to regain storage space on iPhone?

    ② Delete Old iPhone Backups. Usually,you might have a few backups in iPhone which may take up a fair amount of storage space.

  • ③ Delete Unused Apps.
  • ④ Uninstall and Reinstall Storage-Hungry Apps.
  • ⑤ Use iCloud Photo Library.
  • ⑥ Turn off Photo Stream.
  • How to trick your iPhone into freeing up storage space?

    First,see what’s taking up the most space on your iPhone.

  • Make sure your iPhone is optimizing photo storage.
  • Save photos and videos to a cloud service instead of on your device.
  • Delete apps you no longer use.
  • Offload apps you don’t use all the time.
  • Automatically delete old messages.
  • Delete videos and music from apps.
  • Clear out your web browser cache.
  • How do I get free space on my iPhone?

    You can free up space by doing the following steps. Locate Messages in iCloud As with backups, locate “messages” in the “manage storage” section of your iCloud settings. Select “Disable & Delete”…