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How do I get a valid EU pet passport?

How do I get a valid EU pet passport?

How to Get a Pet Passport

  1. Annex IV Form completed by your home veterinarian and endorsed by the governing body (USDA if your from the US)
  2. Rabies vaccination certificate or rabies titer test results.
  3. ISO microchip information.
  4. A local address.
  5. Your own passport.

What is an EU animal health certificate?

An EU Pet Passport is a document issued by an official veterinarian in a European Union (EU) Member State (country within the EU) or other designated country that contains official health information related to a specific pet.

Does UK require import permit for pets?

Import permits are not required for dogs or cats entering the UK.

Can you move to Europe with pets?

In Europe, you will need an E.U. health certificate issued by a U.S. Agriculture Department-accredited veterinarian and endorsed by your state USDA office. The document must contain vaccination and rabies records, plus proof of a tapeworm test, depending on the country.

Are EU pet passports still valid?

A pet passport is valid for life as long as your pets rabies vaccination is in date.

How do I import a puppy from Europe?

You can apply for an unimmunized dog permit online through the CDC. You need to file for one permit per dog imported. You must apply at least 10 business days before your dog’s arrival in the U.S. No permits are issued upon arrival, so it’s a good idea to request the permit when you arrange travel for your dog.

How much does it cost to bring a pet to the UK?

Estimated costs for manifest cargo airfreight: Manifest cargo flights for pets are based on dimensional weight (or how much space your pet takes up in the aircraft). For international flights, these fees can range from $1,000 USD for a Chihuahua and up to $4,500 USD for a Great Dane.

Can I bring my cat to Europe?

Bringing pets to the European Union (EU) from the U.S. or Canada is much easier than it once was. For dogs and cats, especially, the days of long quarantines are gone, paperwork is standardized, and–once within the EU–a “pet passport” valid throughout the EU can be issued.

Will UK Accept EU pet passports?

If you are a UK citizen who lives in the EU and has a pet passport issued by an EU member state, you will be able to use it to bring your pet to the UK. You can also use the EU-issued pet passport to return to the EU as well.

Can I get an EU pet passport after Brexit?

During Brexit negotiations, the government tried to get the UK listed as a “Part 1” country by the European Commission, meaning it could still access the pet passport scheme (like a number of other non-EU members, including Switzerland). But it was given “Part 2” listing, requiring the new certificates instead.

How long does EU pet passport last?

four months
How long is EU Pet Passport valid for? This certificate is valid for travel throughout the EU for four months, until you leave the EU or until your pet’s rabies vaccination expires.