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How do I fix my SMART Board?

How do I fix my SMART Board?

If your SMARTboard will not power on: Try using your remote to turn on the SMARTboard. 2. If the SMARTboard still won’t power on, unplug the board and wait for 10 seconds then plug back in. Please report this problem to the Whitesboro Tech Dept through HelpDesk, even if the SMARTboard will now power on.

How do I update my SMART Board drivers?

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and browse to SMART Technologies > SMART Product Update (Windows only) . OR.
  2. In the SMART Product Update window, click Check Now. If an update is available for a product, its Update button is enabled.
  3. Install the update by clicking Update and following the on-screen instructions.

Does a SMART Board need software?

Before you can use a SMART board, you’ll need to have the SMART software installed on your computer. How to install SMART board drivers and Ink: SMART board drivers and Ink do not need an activation key.

How do you reset a SMART Board?

To reset all components of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable. 3. To restore the factory default orientation settings, press and hold the Reset button for longer than three seconds. You will have to repeat the orientation procedure after this step.

How do I get my SMART Board to work?

To use the SMART Board data projector and white board functionality, connect your laptop to the video and USB cables. The Smart Board will automatically power on when your laptop is turned on. The light, located at the bottom right of the board, will turn green if everything is hooked up correctly.

Is SMART Board software free?

SMART Notebook basic version is free software designed for use with a SMART Board interactive display. It comes with many features that you can use to create, edit, and deliver engaging lessons to your students such as: Creative pen tools.

How do I install SMART Board drivers?

Installing SMART Product Drivers and SMART Ink on Windows operating systems

  1. Go to
  2. Select the latest version of the software.
  3. Expand the drop-down menu and select an operating system.
  4. Click the installer file download button and save the file to a temporary location on your computer.

What software does a smart board use?

LinQ software shows your laptop’s display on a SMART interactive screen without any connecting cables. LinQ software uses two components: LinQ software on a laptop and SMART Board 9.

Is Smart Board software free?

Can you use smart notebook without a SMART Board?

Well, Smart Technologies provides a free link called Smart Notebook Express that allows you to pull up Smart Board files saved on your computer.

How do I get a SMART Board notebook on my computer?

Go to

  1. Select SMART Notebook 18 from Select your version.
  2. Select Windows from Change operating system.
  3. Select USB Installer from Select install package.
  5. Save the smart18-0usb.exe download file to your computer.