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How do I find my MEID number?

How do I find my MEID number?

Where is my phone’s IMEI? If you are not a Verizon customer you can find your IMEI on your device: Android devices: Settings > About Phone. iOS devices: Settings > General > About.

Is MEID and IMEI the same thing?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique 15-digit number assigned to all cellular devices. The 14-digit MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier and is similarly meant to identify a mobile device.

What is MEID number used for?

A Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is a globally unique 56-bit identification number for a physical piece of mobile station equipment. Equipment identifiers are “burned” into a device and should be resistant to modification. They are used to facilitate mobile equipment identification and tracking.

Is IMEI a DEC or hex?

IMEI codes (14 digit codes with all decimal digits) are treated as hexadecimal numbers when the 18 digit format is calculated. The check digit is, however, calculated using the decimal Luhn algorithm for both 14 and 18 digit formats.

Is IMEI same as serial number?

Depending on the carrier, your device will have either an IMEI or MEID. These two numbers are different from a serial number. They are used at an international or global level, not just by manufacturers. Both types of numbers can help network providers track down a device that has been stolen or lost.

How do I find serial number without phone?

If your non-smartphone has a “MENU” or “SETTINGS” key, press it, then find the ABOUT or INFO item and select it. You may be able to find your serial number here by using the arrow keys to scroll down. Check your phone’s original packaging or receipt.

What does a MEID number look like?

It typically has an icon that resembles 10 squares in the shape of a phone’s dialer. Open the dial pad on your phone. Dial *#06# . You can retrieve the IMEI/MEID number on virtually any phone by dialing in the universal code, which is “*#06#”.

How many digits is a MEID?

14 hexadecimal digits
An MEID is 56 bits long (14 hexadecimal digits). It consists of three fields, including an 8-bit regional code (RR), a 24-bit manufacturer code, and a 24-bit manufacturer-assigned serial number.

What is DEC serial number?

ESN: Equipment Serial Number; uniquely identifies equipment and is embedded electronically by the manufacturer. The ESN is in two forms the DEC (decimal) and HEX (hexadecimal) form. MEID: Mobile Equipment Identifier; similar to an ESN; it is a globally unique number for a piece of mobile equipment.

What is serial number of mobile phone?

A serial number is a unique number assigned by the manufacturer (like Samsung) to help identify an individual device, like a phone, tablet, TV, and so on. For example, your phone’s serial number will be different from every other phone Samsung has made.

Can I use IMEI to find serial number?

In the case of cellphones, the serial number doesn’t apply, you use the IMEI number as a serial number. (It’s unique to each individual phone.) Just give them the IMEI number when they ask for the serial number.