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How do I find my DB2 database name?

How do I find my DB2 database name?

Check the DB2 service name

  1. Open the services file located in the \system32\drivers\etc directory, and find the entries that have comments referring to the DB2 instance connection port.
  2. Locate the service name in the first column that corresponds to the lower port number.

How do I catalog a DB2 database?


  1. Save a copy of your current catalog information.
  2. Uncatalog the existing Db2 server node.
  3. Catalog to the new Db2 server node.
  4. Uncatalog the default original databases.
  5. Catalog your new databases as the new default database names.
  6. Catalog the default alias names for the new databases.

Where are DB2 databases stored?

All databases are created with the default storage group “IBMSTOGROUP”, which is created at the time of creating an instance. In DB2, all the database tables are stored in “tablespace”, which use their respective storage groups.

What is command line processor in DB2?

The Db2 command line processor is a program that runs under z/OS® UNIX System Services. You can use the Db2 command line processor to execute SQL statements, bind DBRMs that are stored in HFS files into packages, call stored procedures, and perform XML schema repository operations.

What is DB2 database manager instance?

A DB2 instance is a logical database server environment. DB2 UDB databases are created within DB2 instances on the database server. The creation of multiple instances on the same physical server provides a unique database server environment for each instance.

How do you catalog a database?

To catalog a database on the client:

  1. Log on to the system with a valid Db2 user ID.
  2. Optional: Update the Your Value column in the Parameter values worksheet for cataloging a database.
  3. If you are using the Db2 database on a Linux® or UNIX platform, set up the instance environment.
  4. Start the Db2 command line processor.

What is catalog information in Db2?

Db2 maintains a set of tables that contain information about the data that Db2 controls. These tables are collectively known as the catalog . The catalog tables contain information about Db2 objects such as tables, views, and indexes.

How do I run a Db2 query from the command line?


  1. Start the command line processor, and set command line processor options.
  2. Run SQL statements to query and modify data.
  3. Terminate the command line processor, and restart it with a different set of options.
  4. Create and call a stored procedure.

What is the default database in Db2?

If you create a table space and do not specify a database name, the table space is created in the default database, DSNDB04. In this case, Db2 implicitly creates a database or uses an existing implicitly created database for the table.

What is command line processor CLP )?

The db2 command starts the command line processor (CLP). The CLP is used to execute database utilities, SQL statements and online help. It offers a variety of command options, and can be started in: Interactive input mode, characterized by the db2 => input prompt. Command mode, where each command must be prefixed by …

What type of commands can you issue through the command line processor?

You can use the command line processor to enter SQL statements and DB2 commands. It operates in the following modes: Interactive Input Mode. You can enter DB2 commands or SQL statements and view their output.