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How do I download an old version of Internet Explorer?

How do I download an old version of Internet Explorer?

How to Download Old Versions of Internet Explorer

  1. Use Compatibility View in IE11.
  2. Download IE6 From the Internet Archive.
  3. Grab IE8 or Other Versions From
  4. Access Old IE Versions Using a Virtual Machine.
  5. Try Browser Testing Tools.
  6. Purchase IE Tab.

Is Internet Explorer 10 free?

Is Internet Explorer 10 free? IE 10 comes with Windows 8 and Server 2012 for free. And it can also be installed on Windows 7. Windows 7 had to wait for official IE 10 support as it’s a fairly older OS compared to Windows 8 and later Microsoft operating systems.

How can I use an older version of Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

Select Start > Search , and enter Windows features. Select Turn Windows features on or off from the results and make sure the box next to Internet Explorer 11 is selected. Select OK, and restart your device.

How do I go back to Internet Explorer 10 from 11?

3 Answers

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and features.
  2. Go to Windows Features and disable Internet Explorer 11.
  3. Then click on Display installed updates.
  4. Search for Internet explorer.
  5. Right-click on Internet Explorer 11 -> Uninstall.
  6. Do the same with Internet Explorer 10.
  7. Restart your computer.

How do I install an older version of Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

You can’t install old versions of Internet Explorer on modern versions of Windows….

  1. Search in Start for “Windows Update” and hit enter.
  2. Click on “View update history”
  3. Click on “see Installed Updates” towards the top.

How do I install Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 10?

You cannot install IE9 on Windows 10. IE11 is the only compatible version. You can emulate IE9 with Developer Tools (F12) > Emulation > User Agent. If running Windows 10 Pro, because you need Group Policy/gpedit.

Where can I download Internet Explorer?

Download Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit) for Windows 7 ONLY from Official Microsoft Download Center.

How do I download Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

Navigate to the “Internet Explorer: Download” Web page ( Click on the version of Internet Explorer you want to download, then click on the link for the version of Windows running on the (other) computer where you will ultimately be installing Internet Explorer. Click “Save.”.

How to install Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 10?

Press Windows Key+I to open Settings then click on Apps.

  • From the left-hand side menu,click on Apps&features.
  • Now under Apps&features,click on “ Manage Optional Features ” or “ Optional Features “.
  • Scroll down the list and look for Internet Explorer.
  • What is the best Internet Explorer for Windows 10?

    – JetStream 1.1: 111.61 – Kraken 1.1: 1744.3 – Octane 2.0: 19273 – RoboHornet: 90.4 – HTML 5 Test: 478

    Why is Internet Explorer so slow on Windows 10?

    – Type firewall into the search bar and click on the firewall that pops up. – On the left-side menu select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off. – Click the radial on both Private and Public network settings marked Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended). – Click OK.