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How do I delete games from my Gmail account?

How do I delete games from my Gmail account?

You can delete Play Games data from your Google account for one or all games you’ve played….Delete your Play Games profile and all Play Games data

  1. Go to Delete a Google Service.
  2. Click Play Games.
  3. Read the message and confirm by checking Required.
  4. Click Delete Play Games.

How do I find games connected to Gmail?

Check which apps have access to your Google account

  1. In Gmail, click your user icon on the top right.
  2. Click the My Account button.
  3. Under “Apps connected to your account,” click “Manage Apps”
  4. Remove any apps you do not recognize.

How do I cancel stadia?


  1. Sign into your account at
  2. In the top right, select your avatar.
  3. Select Stadia settings. Purchases & subscriptions.
  4. Next to the subscription you want to cancel, select Unsubscribe.

How do you delete a game?

To uninstall and reinstall:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Swipe across the screen from left to right (or tap the Menu icon) to open the Store home menu.
  3. Tap My apps.
  4. From the list, tap the game.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. After the app uninstalls, please select Install to download it again.

How do I delete app data from Google?

Remove products

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  2. At the top, tap Data & privacy.
  3. Under “Download or delete your data,” tap Delete a Google service.
  4. Next to the product you want to remove, tap Delete .
  5. Follow the steps on the screen.

How do I see what games are connected to my Google Play account?

Find games you played using another account

  1. Open the Play Games app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Profile.
  3. Tap your email address.
  4. Choose another account. If you don’t see any other accounts, tap Use another account, then follow the steps to sign in and create a gamer name.
  5. Your recently played games will show.

How do I recover game data from Google Play?

How to restore game data & fix other errors in Google Play Games

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Store app .
  2. Search for the game and open its detail page.
  3. Under the preview images, tap Read more.
  4. If it uses Google Play Games, open the game and find the “Achievements” or “Leaderboards” screen.

Can I play game in Google?

You can play games on all Assistant supported devices. To start a game, you can say: “Hey Google, play a game.” “Hey Google, talk to Are You Feeling Lucky.”

What is Google stadia charge?

Play on us. Get instant access to a collection of games with a 1 month Stadia Pro trial. Try now. Try now. $9.99/mo¹ charged automatically after trial period expires.

How do I get a refund from Stadia?

In the Stadia app

  1. On your mobile device, sign into the Stadia app .
  2. At the top right, tap your Stadia avatar.
  3. Tap Purchases & subscriptions.
  4. Under “Transaction history”, tap the item for which you would like to request a refund.
  5. Tap Request Refund.