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How do I delete files in PeopleCode?

How do I delete files in PeopleCode?

How to Delete A File With PeopleCode

  1. /* Set the Operator Id from the State Record in the Application Engine*/; &OPRID = VCHR_EDT_AET.OPRID2;
  2. /* Set the Database dynamically to the Database you are currently logged into*/; &DATABASE = Lower(ÛName);
  3. /* Open the file and delete it off of the file server*/;

How do you declare a function in PeopleCode?

Function Declarations If you call an external function from a PeopleCode program, you must declare the function at the top of the program. The syntax of the function declaration varies, depending on whether the external function is written in PeopleCode or compiled in a dynamic link library.

How do I find a character in string PeopleCode?

Use the Find function to locate one string of text within another string of text and returns the character position of the string as an integer. Find is case-sensitive and does not allow wildcards.

How do you declare a variable in PeopleCode?

Description. Use the Global statement to declare PeopleCode global variables. A global variable, once declared in any PeopleCode program, remains in scope throughout the PeopleSoft session. The variable must be declared with the Global statement in any PeopleCode program in which it is used.

How do you declare a component variable in PeopleCode?

PeopleSoft Component Variables

  1. Declaration. To use a component variable within an event, you should first declare it.
  2. Scope. Accessible through out the component and from within Application Engine programs called using CallAppEngine.
  3. Important Considerations.

How do I get the current date in PeopleCode?

7 Answers. }PeopleCode. select to_char(sysdate,’dd’) from dual; should get you the day.

What is Oracle PeopleCode?

PeopleCode is the proprietary language used by PeopleSoft applications. This chapter provides an overview of PeopleCode and discusses how to create PeopleCode programs. These topics provide information to consider before you begin to use PeopleCode.

What are component variables?

Component variables are temporary, named data storage areas for a component. They are available to all ProcScript in the component. You can use a component variable: To store the results of aggregate calculations (such as running totals) before assigning the results to a field.

Do people save in PeopleCode?

Description. Use the DoSave function to save the current page. DoSave defers processing to the end of the current PeopleCode program event, as distinct from DoSaveNow, which causes save processing (including SaveEdit, SavePreChange, SavePostChange, and Workflow PeopleCode) to be executed immediately.

How do I change date format in PeopleCode?

Use the DateTimeToUserFormat function to convert the string value textdatetime in PeopleSoft internal date/time format to a date/time value in the user’s personalized date/time format for a specified time zone.

What is in PeopleCode?

PeopleCode is an object-oriented language. To learn about objects and how they’re used in PeopleCode, see Classes and Objects. The component buffer is the area in memory that stores data for the currently active component.

Is PeopleCode object-oriented?

PeopleCode is a proprietary object-oriented programming language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications. Syntactically, PeopleCode is similar to other programming languages, and can be found in both loosely-typed and strongly-typed forms.