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How do I create a standard WBS in SAP?

How do I create a standard WBS in SAP?

WBS : WBS Elements – Description . Enter the detail data for the WBS elements….Creating Standard Work Breakdown Structures

  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting Project System Basic Data Templates Standard WBS Create .
  2. This brings you to the screen Create Std. WBS : Initial Screen .
  3. Enter the following data:

What is standard WBS in SAP?

A standard work breakdown structure contains the individual elements (WBS elements) that structure the standard project as well as general organizational data.

How do you implement WBS?

Rules to create a work breakdown structure

  1. Include 100% of the work necessary to complete the goal.
  2. Don’t account for any amount of work twice.
  3. Focus on outcomes, not actions.
  4. A work package should take no less than 8 hours and no more than 80 hours of effort.
  5. Include about three levels of detail.

What is the best method to develop a WBS?

The top-down approach, in my opinion, generates a complete and more accurate WBS. In this approach, the WBS is derived by decomposing the overall project into sub-projects or lower-level tasks. This decomposition is based on general project characteristics and not on detailed design elements.

How do you enter a WBS element in SAP?


  1. In the WBS element overview, select a WBS element.
  2. Choose Edit Object Insert .
  3. The system creates new lines with a proposed value for the hierarchy level.
  4. Enter a description and the hierarchy level for the new WBS element and choose .

How do I create a project network in SAP?

Creating a Network

  1. Choose Project System Project Special Maintenance Functions Network Create .
  2. The initial screen appears.
  3. Enter the necessary data.
  4. You can copy from either a standard network or another network when creating the new network.
  5. Choose ( ) .
  6. The network header appears.

How do I create a work breakdown structure WBS?

How to Create a WBS: The High-Level View

  1. Determine and describe the project statement.
  2. Highlight all the necessary phases of the project.
  3. Create and list the deliverables (as well as how success will be measured)
  4. Divide the deliverables into manageable tasks.

What are the 3 levels of work breakdown structure?

Most work breakdown structures have 3 levels that represent the project’s main deliverable, control accounts, project deliverables and work packages.

What are 3 approaches to developing a WBS?

The five approaches are: using guidelines; an analogy approach; a top-down approach; a bottom- up approach; and mind mapping. Using guidelines. The first technique in creating a WBS is using guidelines.

How do I add a budget to WBS element in SAP?

Choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Original budget -> Change . The Change Original Budget: Initial Screen appears. Enter the necessary data and choose Continue or Original budget . The Change Budget: WBS Element Overview screen appears.

What is SAP PS module?

SAP Project System (PS) is a part of SAP’s Project and Portfolio Management solution. Project System helps manage projects throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the creation of a project to the preparation of detailed plans, project execution and completion.

What is SAP PS activity?

In SAP Project system, you can create control key to perform the different activities and activity elements. Using Control key in SAP PS system, you can determine the business transactions to be performed when you perform an activity. An activity can be an internal activity, external activity or both.