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How do I convert an XFDL file?

How do I convert an XFDL file?

Steps for Converting XFDL File to PDF Right click on the XFDL or XML file to see the file context menu and choose the “Print” option. Chose the “Printer Name” drop-down box and then click the PDF print driver from the list of available printers. Now you will be able to see a “File Save Dialog” option.

How do I view XFDL files on Android?

Opening an XFDL document using IBM Lotus Viewer is simple. Just install the application, open it, select “File” and then “Open” from within the program. Choose your XFDL document to display it in the main program window. Lotus Viewer allows you to view XFDL documents and to add or modify form data fields within them.

How do I open an XFDL file on a Mac?

It is also possible to open XFDL files using a text editing program such as Notepad for Windows or Apple TextEdit for Mac. Simply right click on the XFDL file and then choose Open With from the drop-down menu.

What is IBM Lotus Forms Viewer?

Download Description IBM Forms Viewer is a feature-rich desktop application used to view, fill, sign, submit, and route electronic forms.

What program can open XFDL files?

An XFDL file is an Extensible Forms Description Language file. Open one with Lotus Forms Viewer, IBM Forms Viewer, or IBM Forms Designer.

What application opens XFDL files?

How do I open an XFDL file without Lotus?

How to Open an XFDL File

  1. Start a plain text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or Textedit on Apple. These programs can open and view some of the information inside the XFDL file format.
  2. Download and install Editix, an XML editor.
  3. Download and install the IBM Form Viewer or Editor package.

How do I download IBM form viewer?

Installation Instructions

  1. Sign in to Passport Advantage Online:
  2. For your operating system, search for and download IBM Forms Viewer 8.2 (part number CN4YRML).
  3. Unpack the part into a temporary directory on your system.

What kind of file is a Xfdl?

Extensible Forms Description Language file
What Is an XFDL File? A file with the XFDL file extension is an Extensible Forms Description Language file. It’s a secure type of XML file developed by PureEdge Solutions (a company acquired by IBM in 2005) as a way to create secure and legal electronic forms.

What program can open Xfdl files?

How do I open an Xfdl file without Lotus?