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How do I contact the Michigan parole board?

How do I contact the Michigan parole board?

For other questions, you can call the Parole and Commutation Board at 517-373-0270 or the MDOC Public Information office at 517-373-6391.

Who is over the parole board in Mississippi?

Tate Reeves named a new head of the Mississippi State Parole Board. Mississippi Gulf Coast native Jeffery Belk was appointed on the first day of 2022 to lead the parole board. He is stepping into the role after the previous chairman, Steven Pickett, retired in December 2021.

How much of your sentence do you serve in Mississippi?

Currently, people convicted of nonviolent crimes in Mississippi must serve at least 25% of their sentence before parole eligibility. The new law says that for crimes committed after June 30, 1995, a person would have to serve at least 25% or 10 years before eligibility.

What happens if you violate parole in Mississippi?

Possible Punishments and Consequences for Parole Violations A parole officer has a range of punishments that can be imposed including: A verbal warning. Increase in reporting schedule. Increased drug and alcohol testing.

Where is the Michigan Department of Corrections?

Lansing, Michigan
Michigan Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections
Size 97,990 square miles (253,800 km2)
Population 10,077,331 (2020 Census)
Operational structure
Headquarters Lansing, Michigan

How Does Parole Work in Michigan?

Under state statute, a prisoner may not be granted parole until the Parole Board has reasonable assurances that the prisoner will not become a menace to society or a risk to the public safety. While on parole, a parolee is supervised by an agent who is an employee of the Department of Corrections.

Who is the commissioner of MS?

Mike Chaney, Mississippi’s 11th Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal, is currently serving his third term in office. First elected in 2007, he brought extensive business knowledge and experience to the office combined with 15 years of service in the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate.

What are the rules of parole in Mississippi?

To be parole eligible, an offender must serve the greater of 25% of his sentence or the following statutory minimums: If the sentence is from one (1) to two (2) years he must serve at least nine (9) months. If the sentence is two (2) to five (5) years he must serve at least ten (10) months.

What is 85 of a 10 year sentence?

85% of ten years is 8 and one half years.

What happens if you fail a drug test on probation in Mississippi?

If you continue to violate your probation by failing drug tests, your probation officer may decide to request that your probation is revoked. A judge will make this decision and then they will decide what your punishment will be. Typically, you will have to finish your sentence in jail if your probation is revoked.

What is a Level 4 prisoner in Michigan?

The system has four levels: Level I or minimum security; Level II or medium security; Level IV or close security; and Level V or maximum security.

How to find someone’s parole date?

For an inmate’s parole date, either access the information on the state’s website or contact the correctional facility where the inmate is being housed. Contact the correctional facility where the inmate is being held. Inform the officer that you want the parole date of an inmate they have in custody.

How do you locate an inmate?

After spending eight weeks in the infirmary eating meals through a straw, I was placed back into population and was told by an inmate that I was gonna be his It wasn’t! I began to find out the truth about myself and the lies I had been told.

How to lookup prison inmates?

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  • How do you find a person in prison?

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