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How do I contact Space NK?

How do I contact Space NK?

(877) 714-7248Space NK / Customer service

How many Space NK stores are there in the UK?

Space NK has over 60 stores across the UK and Ireland, five concessions in Harvey Nichols, and over 30 stores in the US, including boutiques in Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

Who bought Space NK?

Manzanita Capital

M&A Deal Summary
Target Space NK Ltd.
Sector Retail
Buyer(s) Manzanita Capital
Deal Type Buyout (LBO, MBO, MBI)

Why is it called Space NK?

Nicky Kinnaird To Leave Space NK NICKY KINNAIRD is stepping down from her role at the helm of Space NK, the beauty company that she founded in 1993 (the NK in the name represent her initials).

Do Space NK do makeovers?

Makeovers are complimentary and as one of the ladies pointed out to me as I was leaving – afterwards snap a picture of the result and tweet @Space_ NK with the tag ‘#MakeoverMonday’ as each Monday a makeover-ee is selected to win a £10 Space NK voucher on their Facebook Page.

What brands does Space NK own?


  • UpCircle.
  • Rae Morris.
  • BeautyStat Cosmetics.
  • Nécessaire.
  • Nimya.
  • Mario Badescu.
  • Dr. Jart+
  • Who founded Space NK?

    founder Nicky Kinnarid
    Space NK founder Nicky Kinnarid. The Belfast-born Kinnaird, 44, who started her career in real estate, has always loved scouring the globe for innovative objects and products. To showcase her favorite things, she launched Space NK—her dream lifestyle store—in London’s Covent Garden, in 1993.

    Where is glossier sold in UK?

    Glossier recently opened the doors to a permanent store in London’s Covent Garden. This new flagship store is the brand’s first permanent UK home, following a remarkably successful pop-up space that sadly shuttered last year due to the pandemic.

    Is Space NK in English?

    & LONDON, UK., March 7, 2022 — Walmart and British retailer Space NK are teaming up to bring prestige beauty products to and nearly 250 Walmart stores nationwide this summer.

    Does Space NK allow dogs?

    Marylebone High Street oases SpaceNK and The Conran Shop are open to dogs of all shapes and sizes (just watch out for waggy tails at display-clearing height) and, over on Bond Street, Anya Hindmarch is impeccably dog-friendly.

    Do Space NK do facials?

    Best for: Acne-prone skin. Space NK Loves: Cowshed Detox & Brighten Express LED Facial.

    How many Space NK stores are there?

    Word soon spread, and more stores offering the very best in beauty opened across the UK and Ireland. Today there are 67 stores and a further 29 in the US.