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How do I contact Oklahoma Tax Commission?

How do I contact Oklahoma Tax Commission?

Give Us a Call! Commission can be reached at (405) 521-3160. The in-state toll free number is (800) 522-8165. Press “0” to speak to a representative.

Where do I mail my Oklahoma Tax Commission payment?

3. OTC Postal Information: a. PO Box 269027 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-9027 b. A courier will pick up the PO Box 269027 mail at various times each day of the week including weekends.

Does Oklahoma Tax Commission use a collection agency?

The Oklahoma Tax Commission often uses collection agencies. According to the OTC website, if you are contacted by these agencies regarding your tax liability, you should “respond to such personnel in the same manner you would an OTC representative.”

How long can Oklahoma collect back taxes?

10 years
If you owe back taxes, the federal and Oklahoma State will regularly attempt to collect what is being owed. The good news is that the government is only legally allowed to collect unpaid taxes for 10 years from the start date.

What is an Oklahoma Tax warrant?

A tax warrant that is directed to a county sheriff commands the sheriff to levy upon and sell, without any appraisement or valuation, any of the taxpayer’s real or personal property within the county for the payment of the delinquent tax, plus any interest and penalties, as well as the cost of executing the warrant.

Where is my Oklahoma Tax Commission refund?

Simply call (405) 521-3160 or in-state toll free (800) 522-8165, extension 13160 and select the option to “Check the status of an income tax refund”. By providing your Social Security Number and amount of your refund, the system will provide you with the status of your Oklahome tax refund.

Where do I go to pay my Oklahoma State taxes?

PayOnline – State Services.

How do I pay Oklahoma taxes?

You can pay your OK state income taxes online or via mail. Learn more about your e-filing options for your Oklahoma income taxes.

What collection agency does Oklahoma Tax Commission use?

In summary, OTC does not allow businesses to be habitual back-tax offenders. Important: OTC uses the private collection agencies such as Harris & Harris LTD, Municipal Services Bureau, and Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson LLC to assist in collection of tax liabilities.

What happens if you owe Oklahoma state taxes?

Late Payment Penalty: A delinquent penalty is charged when at least 90% of the tax is not paid by the deadline. The penalty amounts to 5%. A one-time 5% delinquent penalty and interest accruing at 1.25% per month will be charged on any taxes owed not paid by the original tax return due date.

Is Oklahoma a tax lien or tax deed state?

Is Oklahoma a Tax Lien State? Ad valorem taxes and special assessments do form a lien against Oklahoma properties when they go unpaid, and the county treasurer will eventually sell the property to collect the taxes owed. Ad valorem simply means that they’re based on a property’s value.