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How do I contact LAVC?

How do I contact LAVC?

(818) 778-5834, (Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.)

Where do I send my transcripts to LAVC?

Contact your previous colleges/Universities and request that the official transcripts be mailed to: Los Angeles Valley College Attn: Admissions and Records 5800 Fulton Avenue Valley Glen, CA 91401 If your name has changed, and the name on your LAVC application is different from the name on the transcripts being sent.

What GPA is required for LAVC?

Incoming Freshmen Applicants Students entering the program directly after graduating high school are required to have a cumulative, unweighted 3.25 GPA or better and a copy of high school transcripts indicating graduation date.

How do I send transcripts to LAVC?

Please place the transcript order at the last LACCD College you attended. The LACCD transcript will reflect both credit and noncredit courses completed at any of the nine LACCD Colleges. The regular transcript fee is $3.00 (ten business days or less for processing). There is no rush/emergency service at this time.

How do I access my Lavc email?

How to Access Your Email & OneDrive

  1. Go to the Student Portal.
  2. Enter your Student ID in the “Student ID or User ID” and PIN.
  3. After you have successfully signed on, you will have access to your student email and OneDrive.

What building at Lac is admissions and records located in?

the Student Service Buildin
We are located in the Student Service Buildin, first floor.

How do I get my transcript from LAVC?

Students can either order an official transcript in person from the LAVC Admissions & Records Office or online through the National Student Clearinghouse. In addition, students can view their unofficial transcript through the LACCD Student Portal.

What does Aw mean Lavc?

A “W” means withdrawal. You may withdraw (drop) from full-semester classes before the end of the fourth week without a “W” notation on your academic record; however, you must submit your withdrawal request to the admissions office by the date listed in the college calendar found in the class schedule.

What is considered a full time student at LAVC?

Students who are enrolled in 12 or more units are considered full-time students. Students taking less than 12 units are part-time.

How do I log into Lavc WIFI?

Logon to the wireless network

  1. Open your browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc), and try to reach a Web site such as “”
  2. You will be prompted to enter your username, and password. See below for the username, and password to use depending on the LAVC wireless network you connected to.

Is Los Angeles Valley College a good school?

We’re is a top transfer school. Studies have shown that students who start at LAVC do better at UCLA than ones who began there as freshmen. Our Transfer Alliance/Honors Program (TAP) students have a 90%+ transfer acceptance rate to top universities.

How do apply to Lavc?

Apply to LAVC If you’re unsure whether you attended, login to the LACCD Student portal to see whether you have a registration appointment. You must apply online to Los Angeles Valley College if: You have never attended Los Angeles Valley College or any of the other LACCD colleges.

How do I contact the Valley College Admission Office?

You can continue to email us at: [email protected] with all questions and concerns related to Admissions and Records. Office Hours: Mon & Thurs 8am to 5pm, Tues & Wed 8am to 7pm, Friday Closed (working remotely)

What is the admissions and Records Office?

The Admissions and Records Office is where you’ll start and finish your educational journey at VVC. Whether you are preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university, seeking an Associate degree or certificate, taking classes to improve skills, or explore a new career, we are here to help you.

How do I register for classes online with LACCD?

You will need to log into the LACCD Student Portal to register for your classes. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Registration Appointment Before school starts, you will be assigned a date to register for classes online. You may register at any time on or after your appointment date; there will no longer be an appointment time.

What is the LACCD student portal?

The mobile enhanced Student Portal allows you register for classes, add a class with a permission number, pay student fees, access your campus email, and much more— at any time, from any where! Need help on how to use upgraded LACCD Portal system?