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How do I connect my digital persona fingerprint reader?

How do I connect my digital persona fingerprint reader?

For digital persona fingerprint reader

  1. Click on the setup.exe file from your biometric SDK installation folder.
  2. Click “Next” several times to proceed with the installation system.
  3. After completing the installation, you need to restart your computer.

How do I use 4500 fingerprint reader?

To use, simply place a finger on the reader window and the reader quickly and automatically captures and encrypts the fingerprint image before sending it to the DigitalPersona FingerJet™ biometric engine for verification. For superior user feedback, a red “flash” indicates that a fingerprint image has been captured.

How do I reinstall my fingerprint reader?

Reinstall Fingerprint Software

  1. Find your fingerprint reader and click on it. Click Uninstall and confirm the action.
  2. Right-click Start > Device Manager and expand the Biometric devices category.

Why has my fingerprint reader stopped working?

The fingerprint sensor may be not working if your hand is wet, moisty, oily, or dirty. So, if your finger has any of these, you might not be able to unlock your phone using the fingerprint. The way out is to wash your hands, clean it, and wait for it to dry out. Now try to unlock your phone with the fingerprint.

How do I activate my biometric device?

Enable biometrics in the Android settings

  1. Open your phone’s Settings and locate the security or biometrics menu.
  2. From this menu, set your biometrics preferences to fingerprint.

How do I connect my fingerprint scanner to my mobile?

Setting up your fingerprint

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your Android device and tap Lock screen and security.
  2. Scroll down and tap Screen lock type.
  3. Add your fingerprint — follow the instructions on your screen and go through the wizard. You’ll be prompted to lift and rest your finger on the home button several times.

Can you reset fingerprint reader?

Resetting your computer’s fingerprint reader will allow you to fix or restore any issues you might have encountered while using it. However, if your fingerprint reader fails to log you into your Windows account altogether, then a re-installation of Windows may be required.

How do I reset my fingerprint hardware?

How to fix fingerprint not working on Android

  1. Check if your finger has any liquid or dirt.
  2. Clean the fingerprint module.
  3. Check if the fingerprint module is well connected.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Update your software.
  6. Wipe System cache.
  7. Recalibrate the fingerprint.
  8. Reset your device.