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How do I check my toll charges in Malaysia?

How do I check my toll charges in Malaysia?

You can check the toll fares the next time you go on a road trip by using the Malaysian Highway Authority’s toll fare calculator. Malaysian highways have two toll systems: the open and closed system.

Is Plus Highway private?

The PLUS Expressways Berhad (MYX: 5052) is the largest highway concessionaries or build–operate–transfer operator company in Malaysia….PLUS Expressways.

Type Private Limited Company

Who owns North Southway?

Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan Berhad
Nevertheless, the toll road and the North–South Expressway were acquired by Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan Berhad.

How much is the toll from KL to Port Dickson?

Mambau toll plaza (MBU)

Class Type of vehicles Rate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
1 Vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 wheels excluding taxis RM3.20
2 Vehicles with 2 axles and 5 or 6 wheels excluding buses RM5.70
3 Vehicles with 3 or more axles RM8.60
4 Taxis RM2.20

Who owns the toll in Malaysia?

Malaysian Expressway System

Malaysian Expressway System (Sistem Lebuh Raya Ekspres Malaysia)
Maintained by respective concessionaire companies; numbers and routings assigned by Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA).
Length 748 km (465 mi)
Formed 1980
Highway names

Can you use Touch n Go eWallet for PLUS highway?

“From Jan 15, they (road users) can now travel interstate for pasembur or laksa Johor from every other highway network using RFID. “As for highway customers who are currently using SmartTag and TnGo, you are still most welcome to do so,” he said.

What is the longest road in Malaysia?

North-South Expressway (NSE)
North-South Expressway (NSE) The NSE is the longest expressway in Malaysia with the total length of 748 kilometres running from Bukit KayuHitam in Kedah near the Malaysia-Thai border to Johor Bahru at the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia.

Who owns UEM?

Khazanah Nasional
UEM Group is wholly-owned by Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional, which Refinitiv data shows owns 66.06% in UEM Sunrise.

Who owns the roads in Malaysia?

Malaysian Federal Roads System

Malaysian Federal Roads System (Sistem Jalan Persekutuan Malaysia)
Maintained by Federal Public Works Department (JKR); numbers and routings assigned by Malaysian Ministry of Works.
Formed 1957 (Peninsular Malaysia) 1986 (Sabah and Sarawak)
Highway names
Federal Roads Federal Route nn (FT nn)

Can you use Touch n Go Ewallet for PLUS highway?

How much is the toll to Genting?

Toll: When you enter Karak Highway, there is a toll of RM 5 for cars at the Gombak Toll Plaza. How To Use: Follow the orange route by using the zoom (+/-) slider and directional arrow keys on the top left of map.

How do I call a toll free number in Malaysia?

How to Call Toll Free Numbers in Malaysia. To call a Malaysia toll free number from within the country, simply dial the number as you see it (ex. 1-800-XXX-XXX). To call a Malaysia toll free number from outside the country, dial the originating country’s exit code followed by the toll free number.