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How do I change the standard related list name in Salesforce?

How do I change the standard related list name in Salesforce?

To change the name of the related list you must go to the master detail field on the desired object. Click edit. You will see a section mid-way down the page called Master Detail Option. Change the Related List Label to match your desired name.

How do I edit a related list in Salesforce?

Customize Related Lists

  1. Access the page layout editor.
  2. To edit a related list, double-click its tab.
  3. Select which fields to include in the related list, define the order in which the fields display, and select the record sort order.
  4. If desired, select other page layouts to apply your related list customizations to.

How do I edit related list quick links in Salesforce lightning?

To Add Related List Quick Links to the Page Layout:

  1. On the right hand of the screen, under Lightning Components, find Related List Quick Links.
  2. Click and drag the component to the Page Layout screen. It can be placed in the Side Bar or in the heading.

How do I edit enhanced related list in Salesforce lightning?

Steps to add Enhanced related list in lightning experience:

  1. Go To | Record detail page | Click on setup | Edit Page.
  2. Drag the related list from the left sidebar in Related tab.
  3. Now change the Related List Type to “Enhanced List”.

Can you rename a related list?

To rename a related list for a standard object use Rename Tabs and Labels settings. For example, renaming Opportunities related list to Donations. This is how it looks like after modification. This setting will rename the Opportunity Tab and related list on every page.

What is related list label in Salesforce?

Related lists can be added to any Salesforce page they are related or linked to. For example, Accounts have related lists for Contacts, Open Activities , Activity History, etc.. Related lists are managed separately and then added to the Page Layout.

How do I edit an enhanced CMTD related list?

  1. Create configuration data records in the Custom Metadata Type. – From the setup menu, go to Custom Metadata Type.
  2. Drag and drop the component in the App Builder. Edit the lightning page and looks for the “CMDT Enhanced Related List” component under Custom – Managed.
  3. Configure component attributes to suit your design.

How do you create a custom related list?

Add, Remove, or Edit Related Lists

  1. Click. , then click Setup.
  2. From Setup, click the Object Manager tab.
  3. Click an object, for example, Course.
  4. Click Page Layouts.
  5. Click an page layout, for example, HEDA Course Layout.
  6. Modify the related lists. To add a related list, in the palette, click Related Lists.
  7. Click Save.

What is a related list in Salesforce?

The Related List – Single component shows a list of related records based on one specific object. For example, if you’re looking at a contact detail page, you can specify to see the cases related to that contact, without seeing all other types of related records.

How do I translate a related list in Salesforce?

Use Translation Workbench to translate custom object related list labels. There are 2 columns, 1 for the master list label and one for its translation. Double click in the ‘translation’ column where the custom field label has the value ‘Account,’ type the translated text and Save.

What is enhanced related list in Salesforce?

CMTD Enhanced Related List is a “Custom Metadata Type Driven” Lightning Component that provides enhanced features to display related list records in Lightning App. It supports enhanced functionalities such as configurable Filter, Sort, displayable fields, and look and feel to support your business needs.