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How do I become a construction superintendent in NYC?

How do I become a construction superintendent in NYC?

building inspector and have completed a Department-approved 40-hour Site Safety Manager Course and a 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Standard Construction Industry Course. The class must have been completed within the last three (3) years immediately preceding the date of application.

How much does a construction super make in NYC?

The average salary for a construction superintendent is $93,353 per year in New York, NY and $7,500 profit sharing per year. 80 salaries reported, updated at May 23, 2022. Is this useful?

What is the role of a superintendent in construction?

Site superintendents oversee the construction process and are responsible for overall construction activities within the established design, budget and scheduling guidelines. This can include planning and scheduling, organizing, directing and controlling activities on the construction site.

How stressful is being a construction superintendent?

When asked how stressed they were, on average, 4 percent of superintendents answered that they were extremely stressed, 16 percent were very stressed; stressed and a little stressed tied at 37 percent and 5 percent responded that they were not stressed.

What is a major building?

Major Building means any and all houses on residential parcels, the buildings representing the major use of commercial parcels, and any and all houses on agricultural land.

Is a superintendent higher than a manager?

A construction superintendent manages the individuals who make up the construction crew and usually report directly to the project manager. They are in charge of making sure everything at the construction site is going to plan. In contrast, project managers report to the client and manage the superintendent.

What is the difference between a Construction Manager and a superintendent?

A construction superintendent supervises a job site as the construction manager or foreman, whereas a project manager monitors the process and progress from a distance, handling problems and making decisions.

How much does a NYC DOE superintendent make?

How much does a School Superintendent make in New York, NY? The average School Superintendent salary in New York, NY is $203,693 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $166,396 and $245,790.

Who is the NYC DOE superintendent?

Ketler Louissaint
Community Education Councils (CECs) and the Citywide Council of High Schools (CCHS)…District 75.

Superintendent Family Leadership Coordinator Family Support Coordinator
Ketler Louissaint 400 First Ave. New York, NY 10010 212-802-1507 or 917-256-4251 Raymond Velez 212-802-1614 Jaclyn Ortega 917-256-4250

Why choose NYC construction superintendents?

“NYC Construction Superintendents possesses all safety knowledge required to keep your project safe and operating within compliance. Daily job site visits and attention to detail in working safe, code compliance, OSHA requirements, reporting & maintaining required documentation is outstanding.

When is a construction superintendent required for a building?

A registered Construction Superintendent is required at new buildings and buildings under demolition nine stories and below.

How do I submit my renewal application for a construction superintendent?

Construction Superintendents must submit their renewal applications online. Construction Superintendents that do not currently have an eFiling account will need to create an account by completing the registration form. If you already have an eFiling account, please proceed to Step 2.