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How do I apply for Special Forces in South Africa?

How do I apply for Special Forces in South Africa?

What it takes to get into the SA Special Forces

  1. A South African citizen.
  2. Between 18 and 22 (university graduates 26)
  3. Have Grade 12 or busy with the National Senior Certificate.
  4. Not area bound.
  5. No record of serious criminal offences.
  6. Preferably single.
  7. Comply with medical fitness requirements for appointment in the SANDF.

Where can I get SANDF application forms for 2022?

Go to to check the steps to download the application form pdf. Email address [email protected].

Are military Applications open for 2022?

Military Skills Development (MSD) applications for 2022 are now open, with application forms to be completed by 30 July.

How much do South African special forces get paid?

Below is a comprehensive chart of the South African Special Forces Positions (ranks) with their Salary Structure: Colonel = R648,000 (Estimated) Lieutenant Colonel = R466,000 (Estimated) Major-General = R360,000 (Estimated)

How can I join special forces?

Enlisted Requirements

  1. You must have a minimum rank of E-3 and must be 20 years old at the start of Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) with a waiver.
  2. You must not be older than 36 years (waiverable) for SFAS attendance.
  3. You must be eligible for a Secret security clearance.

How do I join the SA 2021 army?

How To Apply For Jobs At The SA Army

  1. Visit the Department of Defence’s Official website.
  2. Download the SA Army application form or the SANDF application form.
  3. Submit the following documents with your application form:
  4. Once you have completed the form, you can submit your application with the required documentation to:

Are the SAPS forms out for 2022?

For each SAPS vacancy you apply for you will need to submit separate SAPS application form. To apply for SAPS Vacancies 2022 you will need to download the SAPS application form 2022 from the SAPS Website. The SAPS closing date for the SAPS Vacancies 2022 are on the 15 October 2022.

How do I apply for SANDF 2023?

SANDF RECRUITMENT 2022-2023 INTAKE FORM Go to to check the steps to download the application form pdf.

How do I join the SA 2021 Army?

What is SA FBI?

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) was the previous name of an intelligence agency of the South African government. Currently it is known as the Domestic Branch of the State Security Agency. It is responsible for domestic and counter-intelligence within the Republic of South Africa.

Does SA Army allow tattoos?

Does SA Army allow tattoos? The army bans having a tattoo on the head, neck, and face. Tattoos above the shirt collar (class A) are not allowed. Tattoos below the wrist bone are allowed.

Do Special Forces get paid more?

When you’re talking about base salary, the answer is not a whole lot — at least, not when compared with many civilian careers. Even those in high-ranking special forces divisions aren’t sweeping in hundreds of thousands of bucks a year; in fact, they’re often earning much less.