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How do I apply for CSR in Delaware?

How do I apply for CSR in Delaware?

General Information. You must hold an active Delaware practitioner license (e.g., Physician, Dentist, etc.) before your application for controlled substance registration (CSR) can be submitted. If you do not already hold a practitioner license, apply for a practitioner license in DELPROS online portal.

Is DEA and CDS the same?

A federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate is required for all qualified practitioners who write prescriptions for controlled substances. Many individual states also require a practitioner to hold a Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) certificate in addition to a DEA certificate.

Does California require CDS license?

Effective January 1, 2016, all California-licensed healthcare providers, including physician assistants, authorized to prescribe, order, administer, furnish, or dispense Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances must be registered to access CURES (as required by California Health and Safety Code Section 11165.1).

Does Florida require a state controlled substance license?

Section 456.44, Florida Statutes, requires a physician licensed under chapter 458, chapter 459, chapter 461 or chapter 466 who prescribes controlled substances listed in Schedule II, Schedule III, or Schedule IV for the treatment of chronic nonmalignant pain, to designate himself or herself as a controlled substance …

Does Delaware require a CDS license?

You need only one Delaware CSR to prescribe controlled substances in Delaware even if you prescribe controlled substances at more than one Delaware business/practice or more than one location of a business/practice.

Can nurse practitioners practice independently in Delaware?

On Wednesday, Delaware joined 23 other states and the District of Columbia to adopt full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). This legislation allows APRNs and nurse practitioners to practice independent of a physician under the authority of the Delaware Board of Nursing.

What is CDS in police terms?

There are a variety of compounds that, under NJ law, are categorized as “controlled dangerous substances”, often abbreviated as CDS. These drugs are illegal to possess, sell or distribute except as provided under specific criteria under the law (NJSA 2c 35 10a).

What does CDS stand for in court?

In New Jersey, the simple possession of an illegal drug is called Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (C.D.S.) and it is defined in New Jersey Statute 2C:35-10. This is the crime of possessing a drug for personal use.

Is Xanax a controlled substance in California?

In California, Xanax possession is a crime defined as possession Xanax without a valid prescription. Without a valid prescription, Xanax is considered a Schedule IV controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). There are also other drug crimes involving Xanax.

Who can prescribe narcotics in California?

Under California Health and Safety Code 11150, the people who have the power to issue a prescription for controlled substances are limited to:

  • Physicians.
  • Dentists.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Veterinarians.

Is Xanax a controlled substance in Florida?

In Florida, Xanax, the trade name for Alprazolam, is a Schedule IV controlled substance and it is a Third Degree Felony to possess any amount of Xanax without a prescription.