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How do I access intralinks?

How do I access intralinks?

Point your browser to: 2. Enter your email address and click Next.

What is intralinks data room?

Intralinks’ cloud-based virtual data room software provides a dynamic and feature-rich workspace that simplifies collaboration, streamlines workflows, and optimizes deal value while protecting your most sensitive documents.

What is intralinks used for?

Intralinks provides comprehensive electronic communications reports, including full tracking on all access and changes to controlled documents and security & compliance event reporting, and may be easily integrated with enterprise GRC systems.

What is intralinks workspace?

Intralinks VIA® is an enterprise-class business solution that allows secure file sync, share, collaboration, and management of business content. Supported by a highly secure private cloud, our solution enables users to access critical content anywhere, anytime, on any device—and with anyone.

Is intralinks safe?

IntraLinks is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. Participating organizations are considered to provide “adequate” protection for the transfer of data outside the European Union under the EU Data Protection Directive.

How does a virtual data room work?

Virtual Data Rooms, or VDRs, exist as a secure way to store documents that multiple people need access to simultaneously. VDRs are commonly used by businesses when they are merging, working on a project, or other joint venture that requires access to shared data.

What are data rooms used for?

Data rooms are used for storing documents, file sharing, securing sensitive documents, and conducting financial transactions.

What kind of company is intralinks?

Intralinks Holdings, Inc., founded in 1996, is a global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Its products serve the enterprise collaboration and strategic transaction markets, enabling the exchange, control, and management of information between organizations.

Is intralinks cloud based?

Intralinks VIA® is a cloud-based business file sharing and secure collaboration software solution that enables users to collaborate freely with anyone, anywhere.

Does Bank of America use intralinks?

Use the steps below to download and upload documents to a Bank of America exchange hosted by SS&C Intralinks. 1. Go to your Intralinks exchange*. Instructions and a login link were emailed to you.

Can you upload videos to intralinks?

Importing Zoom recordings is available in the Add Documents flow of the Intralinks VDR. Once clients sign into their Zoom accounts, they’re able to select the recordings that they want to add to their exchange.

Can you download documents from a data room?

Here’s how you can bulk download in a data room: Log on to your data room. Click Shift + Select files and folders you want to download. Click Download.

How to set up a virtual data room?

– Setting watermarks – Defining if files can be downloaded – Defining if files can be copied – Defining if files can be printed – Defining if a user can edit, upload, rename or manage the virtual data room space

How virtual data rooms are being used?

Assists in due diligence. A virtual data room houses all of the information that highlights the strengths and achievements of your startup.

  • The fundraising process is sped up. A data room can aid in the fundraising and acquisition process.
  • It simplifies an investor or acquirer’s job.
  • It keeps you focused and organized.
  • How does virtual data rooms work?

    Data rooms for M&A. Every M&A deal includes a due diligence process.

  • Sale. Prepare digital versions of necessary documents.
  • Fundraising.
  • Legal documents management.
  • Risk management.
  • Real estate transactions.
  • What is a virtual data room (VDR)?

    The VDR market has been analyzed based on component Therefore, after the initial negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global virtual data room market, it is recovering at an accelerating rate due to the rise in the adoption of virtual