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How did Michelle Obama decorate the White House for Christmas?

How did Michelle Obama decorate the White House for Christmas?

It consists of 150 pounds of gingerbread, 100 pounds of bread dough, 20 pounds of gum paste, 20 pounds of icing and 20 pounds of miniature sugar sculpture pieces, according to The Washington Post.

What is the White House Christmas theme for 2016?

The Gift of the Holidays
This year’s theme at the White House, “The Gift of the Holidays,” reflects on the joy of giving and receiving as well as the true gifts of life — service, friends and family, education and good health — as we celebrate the season.

How did Melania Trump decorate the White House for Christmas?

In 2018, she filled the East Colonnade with 40 blood-red trees and hung 14,000 red ornaments elsewhere in the White House. While the first lady’s office said the choice of red was “a symbol of valor and bravery,” it didn’t stop the memes from populating once again.

Where is the 2016 White House Christmas tree from?

Official list (1961–2021)

Year Species and location grown Location
2016 Douglas fir, Oconto, Wisconsin Blue Room
2015 Fraser fir, Lehighton, Pennsylvania Blue Room
2014 Concolor fir, Lehighton, Pennsylvania Blue Room
2013 Douglas fir, Lehighton, Pennsylvania Blue Room

Has Michelle Obama won any awards?

The National Civil Rights Museum in Tennessee announced its 30th Anniversary Freedom Award recipients on Wednesday. Former first lady Michelle Obama is a recipient, alongside The Poor People’s Campaign.

Will the White House be decorated for Christmas this year?

White House Christmas 2021 will showcase iridescent doves and shooting stars illuminating the East Colonnade in honor of frontline workers and first responders; the magnificent Blue Room tree featuring a shimmering banner embossed with the name of each state and territory; and the famed gingerbread replica in the State …

What is the White House Christmas theme for 2019?

The Spirit of America
The US first lady, Melania Trump, unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations in several glittering rooms earlier this month, keeping with the theme of “The Spirit of America.” The White House described the theme as “a tribute to the traditions, customs, and history that make our Nation great.”

What is the White House Christmas theme for 2021?

The White House is lit up for the 2021 holiday season. The theme of this year’s decorations is “Gifts from the Heart.” This view shows the White House from the Ellipse, where the National Christmas Tree is surrounded by smaller trees representing the 50 states.

Who decorates the White House Christmas trees?

Step 4. Address your letter directly to the First Lady. Since 1929, the responsibility of trimming the White House Christmas Tree has belonged to the First Lady.

Which US president banned Christmas trees from the White House?

President Theodore Roosevelt
When I was a kid fifty years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt had a bad rap. We learned that way back in the 1900s, he banned Christmas trees from the White House.

Why were Christmas trees banned in the White House?

Theodore Roosevelt’s commitment to conservation is well known. Less well known was the 26th president’s ill-fated attempt to ban Christmas trees at the White House. Why? So many trees were cut down for the holidays, he believed, that it was contributing to deforestation—and he wanted to set an example for the country.

Why did Barack Obama win a Grammy Award?

For His Musical Legacy, It’s The Tip Of The Iceberg. Former U.S. president Barack Obama has won two GRAMMYs for Best Spoken Word Album — and with ‘A Promised Land,’ he’s been nominated for a third. His GRAMMYs presence speaks to decades of public communion with music.