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How can I stop Videocon d2h add on?

How can I stop Videocon d2h add on?

How to remove Videocon d2h channel by SMS

  1. Open messaging on your phone.
  2. Type DROP and channel code (can find Videocon d2h channel numbers here)
  3. Send the SMS to 566777 or 9212012299.
  4. The channel will be removed from your existing d2h package.

How can I deactivate my DTH account?

d2h Customer Care’s response Dear Chintamani, I would like to inform you that we do not have provision for account disconnection as per our policy. Further, we cannot disconnect your account before validity as you are using prepaid service.

How do you add or remove channels in d2h Infinity app?

First, install the Videocon D2H app (Infinity) Then, click on options on top left & choose ‘Customer Corner’ After that, choose ‘a-la-carte channels pay & FTA’ & add channels. Lastly, make sure the plan is correct and make your payment.

How can I change my Videocon d2h plan?

To change your Videocon D2H package you can call the customer care number +9115691156, send an email to [email protected] or you can change Videocon D2H plan with the Videocon Infinity App.

What is VAS in d2h?

DTH players are providing Value Added Services (VAS) to subscribers with an aim to maintain stickiness and bring in differentiation.

How I select my Videocon d2h packages?

Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Create your Own Package’ option to form your own Videocon D2H package. Select channels, packs, combos, etc., for your package. In the next window, choose your zone using the ‘Select your zone’ option.

Can we return Videocon d2h?

Videocon d2h box always remains property of videocon d2h ltd. whenever a customer buys a d2h box he actually rents it. So there is no point of refund.

What happens if I dont recharge Videocon d2h?

Nothing. Petty penal charges start applying for disbanded connections. 3-4 months could cost you 70-100 bucks for reconnection. 2.

How do I activate channels in d2h infinity?

Follow these simple steps to add channels:

  1. Download the Videocon D2H app (Infinity)
  2. Tap on options on top left & select ‘Customer Corner’
  3. Select ‘a-la-carte channels pay & FTA’ & add channels.
  4. Review your plan and pay.

How can I select channels in Videocon d2h?

How do you unsubscribe from a channel on Dish?

Removing a Dish TV channel Via Their Website

  1. Go to the official website of Dish TV and sign in with your VC number.
  2. Below the ‘Packs and Channels’ section, select ‘Add-on Pack’
  3. Pick the channels that you will like to remove.
  4. Your selected channels would be deactivated within a few minutes.

What is VAS pack?

The term VAS stands for Value Added Services. In simple terms, it simply indicates services that will charge you money beyond your recharge pack.