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How can I plan for Vizag and Araku Tour?

How can I plan for Vizag and Araku Tour?

Day wise Itinerary

  1. Day 1 : Arrival at Vizag. Reach Vizag and transfer to hotel.
  2. Day 2 : Vizag sightseeing. After breakfast visit Vizag local sight seeing: RK beach, Rishi Kunda Beach, Simachalam,Kailash Giri, Submarine, etc.
  3. Day 3 : Vizag To Araku.
  4. Day 4 : Araku To Vizag.
  5. Day 5 : Departure.

How many days are enough for Araku Valley?

2-3 days is the ideal duration of a trip in Vizag. You can take a day to all the points of interest in Vizag city. Additionally, you will need a day more to take a trip to the Araku Valley and other points of interest like Tyda Park and Borra Caves.

How much does Araku trip cost?

2 Araku Valley Tour Packages | Book Araku Valley Packages Starting at Rs. 17057.

How can I plan my Vizag tour?

Visakhapatnam Tourist Places to Visit in 3 Days

  1. Araku Valley. An unexplored hill station nestled in the heart of Andhra Pradesh is the Araku Valley.
  2. Submarine Museum.
  3. Katiki Falls.
  4. Simhachalam Temple.
  5. Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary.
  6. Rishikonda Beach.
  7. Kailasagiri Park.
  8. Matsyadarshini Aquarium.

Which is the best time to visit Araku Valley?

June to September is the best time to visit Araku Valley for that signature monsoon magic. The greenery in the valley takes on lusher hues and the waterfalls are at their abundant best. The monsoons in Araku Valley are ideal for a quiet getaway since there aren’t as many tourists at this time of the year.

Is araku good for honeymoon?

Araku valley is an incredible places in which you can do numerous activities to experience the adventurous in valleys of hills, waterfalls to enhance your trip most alluring way to makes your trip to have luxury trip to makes your trip in well organised ways to makes ensures about the varieties of water sport and as …

Can we cover Araku in 1 day?

Araku Valley is a rejuvenating tourist spot situated at distance of 120km from Visakhapatnam….1 Day Itinerary of Araku Valley Local Sightseeing Tour from Visakhapatnam.

S.No Sightseeing Place Recommended Duration
4 Galikonda View Point 20 minutes
5 Borra Caves 60 minutes
6 Katiki Waterfalls 60 minutes

Can we cover Araku in one day?

Reach Visakhapatnam a day before,so that you can cover a few places like Kailasagiri, Yarada beach, Simhachalam temple and light house. One day is not enough to witness the beauty of Visakhapatnam. Araku Valley, popularly known as Araku, is a scenic hill station in the Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Is 2 days enough for Vizag?

If Araku valley and Borra Caves are not included in the trip,then 2 days are enough for local sightseeing in Visakhapatnam. On one day, one can cover Kailasagiri, Rushikonda, Bheemli and Submarine Museum, RK Beach and Kalimandir. On second day, one can cover Simhachalam, Yarada beach and lighthouse.

How much money is enough for Vizag?

If you want to spend a week in Visakhapatnam the cost of your stay will be: 207 USD (16,000 INR) – a cheap stay for 7 days in Visakhapatnam. 263 USD (20,000 INR) – a budget travel for 7 days in Visakhapatnam. 329 USD (25,000 INR) for a one week of comfortable stay in Visakhapatnam.

What is the best time to visit Vizag?

Best Time in Visakhapatnam The best time to visit Vishakhapatnam is from October to March. During this time, the weather of the region becomes more pleasing and comfortable.

How much does it cost to visit Vizag?

For the Vizag Araku valley tour package, it will cost you nearly ₹16,900 for two heads or ₹8,450 per person.

How many days Vizag to Araku Valley tour can be enjoyed?

Experience abundance greenery and enjoy the awe-inspiring views with our one day Vizag to Araku Valley tour. Visitors would be mesmerized with the tranquillity and beauty of the fascinating place.

What are the best places to visit in Araku?

It one of the best waterfalls in Araku and also one of the top tourist attractions in Araku. With a height of about 100 feet, Anantagiri falls offer best views in monsoon season. The best way to reach these waterfalls is by walking / trekking from Anantagiri.

How to reach Araku falls from Anantagiri?

The falls is about 1-2 km away from the main road between Anantagiri and Araku Valley (after about 1.5 km from Anantagiri). The approach road from main road is very narrow and bumpy. Only SUVs can manage well on this road. It’s advisable to walk to these falls from Anantagiri – Araku main road which takes about 20 minutes.

What is the Araku Tribal Museum?

Araku Tribal Museum is spread over two levels, built with mud and real metals to portray tribal life. The museum has been designed to showcase tribal lifestyle in motion, starting with a kitchen that displays utensils made of iron and mud. A series of 10 photographs capturing the wedding ceremony of the tribal is very interesting at the entrance.