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How can I check my Bahrain work visa online?

How can I check my Bahrain work visa online?

Bahrain visa status check

  1. check out the Ministry of Interior Affairs here.
  2. enter your passport number, nationality and date of birth.
  3. enter the Application Reference Number you were given when you applied for your Visa or Permit.
  4. click “Submit” and view the status of your visa application.

How do I resign from Bahrain?

The employee should notify the current employer of his intention to leave by a registered post letter during the specified notice period of the employment contract termination, in accordance with the provisions of the labour law. The notice should not exceed three months from the date set for the transfer application.

How do I check my CPR status?

Send a text message containing your identity card number to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (+973 1738 8888) using this format: CPR 123456789. Wait for a text message from LMRA, indicating your legal status in the Kingdom.

How can I check my Bahrain work permit expiry date?

Labour Market Regulatory Authority The expat portal: you can login to the expat portal to see your details, visa status and expiry date, details of your dependants etc….

How can I check my Bahrain work permit status?

Labour Market Regulatory Authority You can track your work permit application progress by entering the work permit application ID in the LMRA express services. The work permit application ID can be obtained from the employer’s representative who applied for your permit and your family’s permits.

How can I check my visa details?

Visit the official visa website of the country of visit. Find the option of tracking the visa application status. Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth. Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.

What happens if a company does not accept resignation in Bahrain?

Labour Market Regulatory Authority If your employer refuses to accept your resignation or notice, you need to go to the post office and send it as registered mail to the company’s official address (this address must be the same physical address registered at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Can I resign before 1 year?

As per the law, you need your sponsor’s permission or NOC to transfer if you haven’t finished one year with them. If you have finished one year, you can transfer without that permission. In your case, you need to get their permission or resign and ask them to cancel your visa.

How can I renew my CPR online in Bahrain?

Contact Information

  1. Visit the Information and eGovernment Authority website to submit the application of renew an Identity Card.
  2. Enter the Identity Card Services.
  3. Select the service Identity Card Renewal.
  4. Enter the required information in the specified fields.

What is CPR no in Bahrain?

cpr=central population registration.

How I can check visa status?

How can check my visa status?