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How big should a theatre stage be?

How big should a theatre stage be?

What Is The Size Of Stage In Auditorium? Stage As a general rule, an auditorium is 35-40 feet deep with a proscenium opening of 40-50 feet wide, and is tall enough to seat an audience of 30-40 people. A side stage should be no larger than half the distance to the proscenium opening on each side.

What is the average size of a theater stage?

Auditorium Stage Assume that the typical stage is 30-35 feet deep with a proscenium opening of 40-50 feet wide, and up to 30 feet tall. The side stage should be at least half the size of the proscenium opening on each side.

How big are stages usually?

six to eight inches: a small platform on the ground for smaller groups, for more intimate-feeling stages, stages sizes can otherwise go from 16 up to 48: you can talk to your staging company about what different heights of risers and decking they have to create different heights in your stage and how big that looks.

What is the average capacity of a Broadway theater?

The average Broadway theater seats 500 to 500 patrons, while the average Off-Broadway theater seats between 100 and 499. While a lot of Off-Broadway theaters are located near the Broadway Theatre District, they are not considered to be Broadway theaters since they have fewer than 500 seats.

How deep is a typical stage?

The stage depth from the plaster line is 20 feet upstage and 6 feet downstage to the edge of the apron. The stage is elevated three and a half feet and has good sightlines throughout the house.

How tall should my stage be?

For band and orchestra, an opening of at least 24′ is very desirable, and taller is good. For drama or lyric theatre, an adequate proscenium opening may be as low as 18′ to 20′, easily achieved with adjustable masking of some sort within the taller opening designed for music.

How wide are concert stages?

They are build using steel scaffolding with a wooden, metal, or tarp roof, and their sizes can range from 20′ wide to 80’+ wide. For more information on these kinds of stages, you can visit ASAP or Upstage Center.

How big of a stage does a DJ need?

To get the best out of any DJ, you’ll need to give him a little room. Every DJ’s preferred set-up dimensions of course vary, but an ideal minimum amount of space is typically around 6ft / 2m depth (front to back), and around 10ft 3m width (side to side).

What is the smallest Broadway theatre?

The Helen Hayes
Website. The Helen Hayes opened in 1912 as the Little Theatre, designed by Ingalls & Hoffman for producer Winthrop Ames. Intimately sized with just 299 seats, it was later expanded to seat 597, though it remains the smallest Broadway theatre.

What is the largest theatre on Broadway?

Gershwin Theatre
The largest of the Broadway theaters is the 1,933-seat Gershwin Theatre, while the smallest is the 597-seat Hayes Theater.

How tall are concert stages?

For larger events it is not uncommon to have stages of 5′- 6′ (1.5m-2m) high from the floor. Larger festival or stadium stages can be even higher. This is quite a distance to fall, especially when the venue floor can be hard concrete or stone.

How big is an orchestra stage?

Therefore, the correct stage size should be 20 ft wide x 16 ft deep, which would leave an ample 160 sq. ft (i.e. 20 ft wide x 8 ft deep, after subtracting the upstage 8 ft occupied by the drummer) for the rest of the band.