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How big is the conservatory at Longwood Gardens?

How big is the conservatory at Longwood Gardens?

Today, Longwood Gardens is one of the world’s great horticultural displays, encompassing 1,100 acres of dazzling gardens, woodlands, meadows, fountains, 10,010-pipe Aeolian organ and 4.5-acre conservatory.

How long does it take to walk around Longwood Gardens?

three to four hours
It is a leisurely 10-minute walk from the Visitor Center to the Conservatory or to The Terrace, located near the Conservatory. How long does it take to see the Gardens? Visit lengths vary, but we recommend planning on at least three to four hours to see the majority of the Gardens (including the Conservatory).

How much did Longwood Gardens cost to build?

Longwood and most of the existing conservatory complex will remain open during the work, which is scheduled to be done and open to the public in the fall of 2024. The $245 million price-tag dwarfs the $90 million revamping of the Main Fountain Garden, which was completed in 2017.

Does DuPont own Longwood Gardens?

Longwood Gardens Longwood, which encompasses 1,077 acres, was created by Pierre S. du Pont, who served as head of both DuPont and General Motors. Pierre bought the land in 1909 to save it from development and preserve a famous stand of old-growth trees.

When was the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens built?

Ten years after purchasing Longwood, Pierre du Pont was just getting warmed up. By 1916 he was contemplating grand indoor facilities. The result was the stunning Conservatory, a perpetual Eden, that opened in 1921.

Does Longwood Gardens make money?

LONGWOOD GARDENS INC, fiscal year ending Sept. 2019

Organization city Total revenue ($) Total assets at end of fiscal year ($)
KENNETT SQ 57,351,340 983,044,416

How long is the meadow walk Longwood Gardens?

three miles
Spanning 86 acres and three miles of walking and hiking trails, the Meadow Garden is a shining example of best practices in ecological garden design.

How long is Longwood Gardens Trail?

Head out on this 3.6-mile loop trail near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 18 min to complete. This is a popular trail for birding, hiking, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

What family owns Longwood Gardens?

Longwood Gardens Inc., the late DuPont Co. chief Pierre S. du Pont’s intensively planted Chester County estate that has become a top Pennsylvania tourist attraction, is planning a major expansion, bond documents show.

Why is it called Longwood Gardens?

It didn’t take Pierre long before he started making his mark on what he called Longwood. The name came from the nearby Longwood Meeting House, which in turn was named for a neighboring Longwood Farm. “Longwood” probably derives from a nearby stretch of forest known locally as The Long Woods.

Who originally owned Longwood Gardens?

Pierre S. du Pont
One of the world’s great gardens, Longwood’s story is one of legacy, innovation, and stewardship. Our Gardens are a living expression of all that our founder, Pierre S. du Pont, found inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful.

How many tree houses are at Longwood Gardens?

Chadds Ford, PA One of the larger initiatives was the creation of three spectacular treehouses.

When was the first conservatory built at Longwood?

Longwood’s first conservatory was built in 1914 when Pierre S. du Pont added an L-shaped extension to the original Peirce farmhouse, doubling its size. A conservatory connected the old and new wings. Longwood’s second and largest conservatory, opened in 1921, is home to 4,600 types of plants and trees.

How big is the Longwood Gardens in NYC?

Today the 1,077-acre Longwood Gardens consists of varied outdoor gardens, ranging from formal to naturalistic in their landscape design, and 20 indoor gardens within a 4.5 acre (1.8 hectares) group of heated greenhouses. Longwood’s Conservatory contains 4,600 different types of plants and trees, as well as fountains.

Who is the architect of Longwood Gardens?

He contributed to many spaces throughout the Gardens, and designed the Theatre Garden (opened in 1975), the Wisteria Garden (opened in 1976), and the Peony Garden (opened in 1976). By 1977, Thomas Church could no longer visit because of his declining health, and the English designer Sir Peter Shepheard became Longwood’s consulting architect.

How many seasons are there at Longwood Gardens?

From formal gardens to children’s gardens, from towering fountains to our expansive Meadow. Through five seasons of splendor, there’s something for everyone at Longwood Gardens. Explore beds bursting with creative pairings of colors and textures and get ideas for your own home garden.